A jealous Kondo rampages around a summer festival, breaking up couples due to his own lack of a date with Otae. But a chance meeting with Otae while in disguise makes him realize he may end up having a chance to finally be with her! If only the Yorozuya didn't interfere!


Hijikata and Sougo are patrolling a summer festival when they come across Kondo disturbing young couples due to the fact that Otae declined his request to go to the festival together. Sougo suggests that Kondo wear a mask so that the Shinsengumi's name doesn't get anymore befouled and so he does not ruin the festival ambiance.

Kagura, walking with Otae spots Kondo who identifies him as the "Masked Roachief Black RX". Kagura runs off and Kondo offers to help Otae find her.

The two are stopped at a game stand that Gintoki is running and Kondo has no choice but to play. The games Gintoki hosts are a shooting gallery, candy carving, and a scooping goldfish game. With the help of Shinpachi Kagura and Hasegawa, Gintoki set up the games to give Kondo a hard time while obtaining maximum profit. After falling into the goldfish pool, the cockroach mask falls off and it is revealed that they had known that it was Kondo behind the mask all along. Otae mentions that the although the mask was hiding a face, it made certain things easier to see, such as how fun it is spending time with everyone at the festival.


Trivia Edit

  • Kondo gives Otae a yukata, which she declines but is seen wearing in the opening
  • Otae wants Kondo to shoot down a "Bitch" brand handkerchief and bag during the shooting game which is the same brand as Tsukuyo's pipe as said in the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc
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