Seita starts his new education life in a temple school, a few days later, his mother realizes she packs too much portion of food to his lunch, causing him to bloated and stuffed up. Because of this problem, Tsukuyo decides to ask other women how to make a middle-size lunch for Seita to enjoy during his temple school days.


It's lunchtime in Seita's school and a girl named Izumi wants to eat lunch with him. Disconcerted by the offer, Seita rejects it and eats his lunch outside by a tree. At the Hinowa Tea House, Hinowa and Tsukuyo talk about how Seita doesn't finish the lunch box that's made for him. Tsukuyo candidly tells Hinowa that her lunches are too extravagant and he needs something more austere. So Tsukuyo makes Seita's lunch for the following day. The next day during lunchtime, Seita enjoys his lunch with Izumi and a friend of hers. The lunch turns south after the shuriken shaped rice balls were just shuriken covered in rice. Learning of the lunch predicament, Sarutobi creates a lunch for Seita. The lunch, however, is nothing but half a lunchbox with rice topped with a pickled plum and a disturbing note. Kyuubei tries her hand at creating lunch for Seita but all she does is deliver a Barara Gator to his school with a silly note. Otae is up next with creating Seita's lunch and all it is, is a macabre letter. So taking the advice from Kagura, Seita makes his own lunch for the next day. The lunch he makes, however, is eaten by Kagura as explained by her in a note she left him.

Izumi's brother then reprimands him for "taking advantage" of Izumi's kindness as until then she's eaten lunch with her on a daily basis. This confrontation would later fuel Seita having a snit with his mother and abruptly leaves her. In a playground, Seita is approached by Izumi and the two talk with one another. Seita learns that Izumi doesn't have a mother and that she makes everyone lunches in her family. The two talk some more and the following day, Seita reveals a bunch of lunch boxes made by his "mothers". Not wanting to eat them all by himself, he shares them with everyone in the class.

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