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The group manages to stop the Dekoboko tracks but soon realize that the were already one step ahead. Disgusted by the gender change, the cult's leader manages to escape and find another planet to wreak havoc. However, the Shinsengumi and company manage to one step ahead at their next location, purposely to get into the firing range of the cult's weapon and changes everyone back to normal, killing all the cult's members and destroy their weapon before any planet falls victim to their curse. As the Yorozuya stabilize, they decide to watch a movie to relieve their been-through of the situation.


Hijikata still stuck in the manhole is forced through by Okita. Although all of the Dekoboko have been dealt with, the leader appears on the monitor screens of the HQ. The leader informs the group of their futile efforts as the leader has already escaped. Showing amnesty to the Dekoboko fires the gender-swapping weapon again transforming everyone in the Kabuki District back to normal. This excludes everyone in the Dekoboko HQ as they all weren't in the range of the weapon beam.

With the Dekoboko gender-swapping crisis over, those still under the effects of the beam try and live their new lives in their new genders. The Shinsengumi (minus Okita) have started a cabaret club, with Kondou, Hijikata and other officers dressed in police uniforms. Okita has teamed up with Sacchan to start a Sadist Club, becoming the top-earning courtesan in Kabukicho. Tsukuyo and the Hyakka continue to expand their control of Edo's nightlife. Gintoki has gone missing, leaving Shinpachi and Kagura to go their separate ways. While the others appear to have adapted well to their new roles, Jyuubei is conflicted by the results. While reflecting on his actions of how he was the catalyst of the whole crisis, a fortune-teller calls out to Jyuubei. Though done with fortunes, the fortune-teller insists on telling him his fortune. The fortune-teller who turns out to be Gintoki gives Jyuubei a ticket to the next targeted planet of the Dekoboko. At the next targeted planet, those affected by the gender-swapping plan on exacting their vengeance against the Dekoboko.

At the next targeted planet, those affected by the gender-swapping launch their counter-attack against the Dekoboko. In the end, they regain their genders and win against the Dekoboko.



  • This is second episode Hijikata putting mayonnaise on his popcorn. The first in Episode 209.
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