As the situation continues, the Shinsengumi and the company decide to follow the cult's law in order to survive their wrath. However, things change when encountering Sa-chan and Tsukuyo, who both also have their gender-reversed, sabotaging the cult's cameras and capturing several of their members.


The Shinsengumi the Dekobokko to let them handle the Yorozuya, Otae, and Jyuubei. They all then regroup at down an alleyway where they discuss about the Dekobokko and how to proceed against them. It's ultimately decided that they'll separate into groups and hack into every surveillance camera around town. Hijikata, Okita, and Gintoki group together and after a snit at a restaurant they separate to try and see who can pick up the most boys. Meanwhile, Otae and Jyuubei enjoy each other's company while also surreptitiously placing hacking devices around the surveillance boxes. Otae becoming easily flustered by Jyuubei's presence, causes Kondo and Shinpachi to intervene.

Meanwhile, Gintoki and Hijikata bridge try and score boys on the bridge, however, they fail miserably. The two then run into Sarutobi and Tsukuyo who both have destroyed numerous surveillance cameras around the Kabuki District. Afterward, everyone regroups in the alleyway again to discuss current matters. Sarutobi along with Tsukuyuo and his comrades arrive and reveal that they've destroyed all of the surveillance cameras in the Kabuki District. They've also managed to capture every Dekobokko member as well. Jyuubei, Tsukuyo, Kagura riding on Sadaharu, and Sarutobi infiltrate the sewers that lead to the Dekobokko HQ. Hijikata rallies everyone to join with them, however, due to her immense size, she's covers up the manhole.

Characters Edit

Japanese VA Edit

with this episode there has been a lot of change in Voice Actors:

Ginko Sakata (Gintoki) - Haruka Tomatsu

Kaguraton (Kagura) - Kōji Ishii

Gori-ko Kondo (Isao) - Chiaki Takahashi

Souko Okita (Sougo) - Shizuka Itō

Akio Sarutobi (Sachan) - Kazuyuki Okitsu

Tsukiyu (Tsukuyo) - Takanori Hoshino

Gender-bent Edit

Akio Sarutobi (Sachan)

Akio Sarutobi (Sachan)

Tsukiyu (Tsukuyo)


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