The Yoruzaya gang and other characters get stuck under a Kotatsu and go bald.


With a failed attempt at a New Year’s greeting, where Shinpachi points out the flaws and the others stare at him for it, things pick up with a somewhat appropriate episode to follow a New Year’s special. Finding the Yorozuya once more drawn to their Kotatsu after Gintoki trades their old one in for a new one. Unfortunately to do this he goes to his usual pawn store and ends up with one, that Shinpachi finds, contains a blackhole, leaving his co-workers not only incredibly lazy and lethargic but also with no way to escape the Kotatsu’s allures. However while this along with the story of it being used to seal a Demon King may seem unbelievable to Gintoki it’s quite normal, let alone who he got it from wanted to get rid of it. Leaving them with no choice but to do nothing and stay there for the whole year, with Gintoki pointing out that they’ve been doing this for six years now and mentally he’s quite old now, pulling back his hair to reveal a comb over. For which Kagura concurs and reveals her own, going on to criticise how poorly planned out this show is. After which they happen to receive a visit from Katsura who drawn by the warmth of the Kotatsu has just had enough as he and Gintoki start acting like old men, wondering where things went wrong for them and that they don’t exactly feel compelled to settle the matter with Takasugi, they’ll just bash him on the internet and leave it at that. However while Shinpachi hoes that Otae and Kyuubei could pull them from this stupor, he’s shocked to find that his own sister happens to be more like an old man than any of them. Going on to complain about her good for nothing brother who still hasn’t revived their family’s dojo for which Gintoki even chipping in that he doesn’t have a proper job either, regardless of being his boss. Following which the two stalkers arrive, comb overs in tow and ready to leave it behind, to which Katsura and Kondo are bound by a new bond, and once the original Madao, Hasegawa arrives everyone is here and they all just lay back. Resulting in a not so animated segment before they start fighting over room under the Kotatsu, ending with it blowing up and leaving Shinpachi the only one with a comb over.



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