Gedomaru takes the Yorozuya Three Christmas shopping in the demon world to find a present for Ketsuno Ana.


Starting with another brand new amazing live-action Gintama with Shinpachi visiting the sights of Tokyo, the episode begins with what appears to be an ordinary morning for the Yorozuya. Until Ketsuno Ana specifically starts speaking about Gintoki and he’s met with Gedomaru’s club to the face.

However while Gintoki and Shinpachi may be able to remember her, Kagura needs a little bit of reminding as Gintoki basically gets another mouth to feed before she goes on to explain why she’s here. That since Gintoki too is her master alongside Christel, she wants him to help her pick out a gift for her. Explaining that it’s something of a tradition for Shikigami to do, and that she’ll say it’s from him as well.

Other than that it also turns out this is yet another random Christmas special in the middle of the year, so Shinpachi and Kagura run off to pick out gifts as well only to run into something of a mix up that some demons have had, mistaking the Santa Festival for the Satan Festival. And while Shinpachi may be freaking out, the others couldn’t care less, deciding to leave the matter of beating Satan to a certain series in Jump Square. Other than that, as they progress through the festivities, Gedomaru feels a need to test out everything that they see, and Shinpachi happens to run into someone he thought he had lost, Pandemonium, only to lose her yet again.

At this point Gedomaru on the other hand is starting to feel a little down, finding it difficult to find something to give to someone she cares about, until at least Gintoki offers her some advice. Telling her to pick something out herself and asking if she would be happy if she received it, getting the message when she realises that she would be happy with anything that Christel gave her. And as an extra Gintoki decides to buy it and one for her, however at this point the demons finally pick up on humans being about and not only refuse to sell to them, but also move into attack them as well. Only to have an incredibly pissed Gedomaru send them back to hell with their tails between their legs. And so in the epilogue, she thanks Gintoki for the gift she received and admits she has the confidence to pick a gift out herself. Leaving just as Satan himself arrives.

Alongside which, both the Yorozuya, Gedomaru, and Ketsuno Ana are shown in matching shirts in the snow.



  • Gedoumaru's Seiyuu Ayako Kawasumi is well known to be the voice of Saber/Artoria Pendragon of the Fate Franchise. this was alluded when Gintoki cried out Saber when Gedoumaru appeared from the TV.
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