The Sasaki family is as elite as it gets, and one of its members, Tetsunosuke, has joined the Shinsengumi. He would have joined the Mimawarigumi, a police force with pedigree, but he is considered a troublemaker, which is why he was sent to the Shinsengumi. Kondo assigns Tetsu to Hijikata as an assistant, so Hijikata is forced to endure the new recruit..


The Shinsegumi gets a new recruit Tesunosuki who is a member of the elite Sasaki Family. Been seen much as a burden to the family the Shinsegumi are forced to take him in to train him of becoming something better. This though becomes Hijikata's responsibility much to his dismay, but because of Tesunosuki's elite status Hijikata is forced to accept him to be his assistant and endure his annoying punk attitude.

Some time after his arrival, including turning the entire Shinsengumi into a basketball play team with Kuroko No Basket references, Hijikata brings Tetsunosuke on a police patrol for the sake of experience as an officer. During the ride Hijikata tells him that he can"t act as a spoiled brat forever and that he needs to get more serious about his duties in life. After a short neglecting of his words, Gintoki shows up besides their car as Tetsunosuke starts to insult his style. After insulting some back Gintoki tries to drive off before he gets run over by a car. The car turns out belong to the police force unit Mimawarigumi who immediately arrest Gintoki for his crash on them. Together with the unit appears its general leader Sasaki Isaburo who turns out to be Tetsunosuke's half brother.

After thanking Hijikata shortly for his taking care of his brother and changing email numbers with his phone and his own, Sasaki calls his half brother a "bastard child" someone who has no worth to him or his family whatsover and that Hijikata should get rid of him. Hijikata gets angered by this words as he slices of Sasaki's phone in bits as a response. Later on in the Shinsengumi headquarters Kondo tells Tetsunosuke about Hijikata's background of his brother and how it was quite similar to how Toushirou's was and that Hijikata was backing him up before because he knows how Tetsu feels.


  1. Sasaki Tetsunosuke
  2. Kondou Isao
  3. Sougo Okita
  4. Hijikata Toushirou
  5. Yamazaki Sagaru
  6. Sakata Gintoki
  7. Sasaki Isaburo


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