Everybody's stranded in the middle of the mountains. To make things worse, the Shogun goes missing.


Now stranded in the icy cold wilderness the Yorozuya come across Hijikata and Sougo making a shelter out of snow, and after a few jokes about dropping food on the ground that leads to Sougo throwing Hijikata off a cliff, Gintoki and Kagura laugh at the idea of it. However when they step inside they find out one thing, it’s warm.

And now refusing to take back their remarks they keep at them, dragging things out before bursting through the roof. At which point Katsura returns and points to a nearby cave, which he claims to be occupied by Bigfoot or at least someone with big feet, and with the occupant returning they decide to ditch him again.

After which they bump into Otae who too has found a cave but has at least made sure to get rid of the occupants, a group of chupacabras and is now offering them fried chupacabra. However once again they decide to keep moving, even if it is getting dark, suspecting that the snow may have put their fire out, and things only appear to be getting worse for them when a bear shows up. But when Shinpachi slips and is about to fall off a cliff, it of all things catches him and asks if he’s all right, revealing himself to be the Shogun in a bear suit. And panicking, Otae kicks him off the cliff to save her brother.

Following this though they manage to make it to the cabin that the Shogun had found, finding Kondo who now feels indebted to him for saving him in the middle of that blizzard, and luckily they’re able to retrieve the Shogun and blame everything on a case of cryptids. But with everything that has happened the Shogun has begun to lose faith in his right to rule, with Katsura quietly encouraging to offer his life up to the storm raging outside.Which because of they have to wait out, deciding to huddle together with the Shogun in the middle to stay warm. Who of all things gets rid of his bear suit when Kagura and Otae start talking about something stinking, but the smell doesn’t go away. And after a few crude jokes they start arguing over has to warm the Shogun’s crotch, accidentally sending him airborne toward the Shinsengumi rescue team.



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