The Renho join forces with Sakamoto and the Yorozuya against Dark Vader and their home planet in order to bring peace to the universe.


Following the firing of the main cannon by Fumiko, Mutsu, Sakamoto, and the Yorozuya team up to take on Vader annd his White Lucifer with the Kaien. Dodging his first attack by presenting their business card.

However in order to run across the missiles that it was firing and kick them back, both of the Kaien’s legs were destroyed, with the arms not far behind when Sakamoto blocks and Gintoki strikes. Only managing to disable the White Lucifer’s arms at the cost of the Kaien’s limbs, but Shinpachi pulls out one last trump card and transforms whats left of the Kaien into a cannon, preparing to fire alongside Elizabeth, Katsura, and the Renhou. But just before they can Fumiko reveals her plan, that by firing the cannon at the start she meant to infiltrate and sabotage the White Lucifer, disabling Sagi to allow everyone to fire upon it, content that she’s been able to write the story she wanted to tell.

After this things reach a familiar starting point, with Katsura turning to the Yorozuya to help him with something he’s not sure he should be looking for after he found a sign telling him not to look, but this time he’s not sure who left it. With the events after the destruction of the White Lucifer revealing that Elizabeth was the first to awake of those caught in the explosion, taking charge of the Renhou and vowing to retain their ways in order to ensure that the Renhou maintain their newly gained freedom. Sending his friends from Earth back after one last game of Uno with Katsura and erasing the other’s memories, ensuring that they’ll stay with their friends there instead. And on Earth both the Yorozuya and Sakamoto feel as if something strange has happened, as if someone is missing or they just came out of a big battle.

And it’s from looking back on this last game of Uno that Katsura feels as if he’ll be the only one to miss him, but when he meets Gintoki along the riverbank they start to play a game together with the other members of the Yorozuya, Sakamoto, and Mutsu. At which point its revealed that Fumiko managed to survive and now tells her story at the park, and as Elizabeth leaves Earth once and for all, that the Elizabeth that left was the temp who worked on Mondays, and that the real Elizabeth just came back from his vacation. The end Katsura beat up by Gintoki, Shinpachi, Kagura, Sakamoto and Mutsu.