Elizabeth and Dark Vader battle to the death and just when things are not looking so good for Elizabeth, Katsura shows up to save his friend.


As Elizabeth attacks the bridge, Fumiko comments on how he betrayed both his fellow Renhou and those on Earth in order to ensure that the invasion didn’t happen, making sure that he was the only one involved. In order to protect both parties.

However even after an attack like that Vader doesn’t die, and begins to engage Elizabeth in a heated battle where he takes out his main camera, over an over again making it clear that Elizabeth doesn’t have anyone here and that he will die alone. Yet still Elizabeth persists, acknowledging it and content to die as Katsura’s friend, but Katsura proves Vader wrong by driving his blade through him, then having a horribly cliche Newtype talk as the two friends finally reunite. But once more, Vader doesn’t die and orders the fleet to fire on them.

Instead he’s the one who gets hit however, with it being revealed that Sakamoto had been able to get through to the other Renhou, taking his message to heart and deciding to form an alliance as they decide to destroy the empty planet before them. And so all at once they fire upon Vader once more, with Gintoki deflecting what he has to throw back at him and declaring that the planet will be his coffin. However once more it doesn’t seem as if this was enough to defeat Vader, as the planet itself begins to transform and take the form of a giant Renhou, the White Lucifer, which leads to Elizabeth realising that each and every leader of the Renhou has been a puppet for the planet’s main computer, Sagi which determine’s the Renhou’s survival strategy. And with this, Vader begins to destroy their entire fleet.

But it turns out that Mutsu has just the right answer to this, as having given Sakamoto’s fleet the means to transform into a giant robot without his knowing, she activates the transformation sequence. Transforming the fleet into the universe’s last hope, Kaien. All that’s left now is for the everyone to head to different parts of it to pilot it, Gintoki, Sakamoto, Kagura, and Mutsu each taking one of the limbs while Shinpachi gets stuck with the pimple and the dirty lady, Fumiko gets the crotch and main cannon. And in the most anti-climactic way possible Fumiko fires it before the fight can even begin.



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