The Yorozuya, Katsura, and Sakamoto disguise themselves as Renho and infiltrate their base.


Fumiko manages to quieten Shinpachi as she explains that the weapons that Vader intends to use to take over the Earth are Gunsams, blatant copies of Gundams which no one will care about since both Gundam and Gintama are animated by Sunrise. A lawsuit would go nowhere.

Aside from that Elizabeth didn’t recognise them and their group at all and still has no idea that they’re here, but while Shinpachi wants to lay low as Fumiko sabotages the Gunsams, Gintoki, Katsura, and Sakamoto are giving a lecture of the best way to take over the Earth to the other members of Elizabeth’s band. Somehow resulting in a few Gundam jokes when Shinpachi tries to stop them. But in the end, they decide to just play Uno instead, and when Elizabeth meets them again he explains that every one of his recruits are former spies and talks about an important friend he has on Earth, one who he could fight back to back with.

However shortly after this the order to attack is given as Mutsu’s attempts to stall Vader have fallen apart, leaving Katsura to try and stop Elizabeth even if it means fighting him while Gintoki and Sakamoto head the other way to stop Vader, refusing to look back, sure that the other has them covered. However just as Katsura boards his Gunsam, Fumiko arrives and tells them that she could only manage to sabotage some of the Gunsams, including the one that Katsura is piloting. And upon learning this Vader suspects that there could be spies on board and orders a search, at which point Gintoki and Sakamoto make their move.

Revealing themselves to be Samurai who have invaded them, introducing themselves as they charge in, however while Gintoki starts fighting with his bokuto, Sakamoto starts dealing with the other general instead. His idea of going wild as he starts to go about the earlier plan of selling Earth by offering them an even better weapon than their White Devils, the Shiroyasha/White Yaksha, deciding to throw in Zura and himself as well. Eventually declaring that crushing a planet or two wouldn’t mean anything to him, the Earth is only a rock, it’s the people that matter. However while Vader thinks that this is the only attempt to thwart his plans, he finds that the rain they were using has disappeared and reformed as one giant message from Elizabeth. Just as he attacks the bridge with his Gunsam in an all out attack.



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