The Yorozuya and Katsura follow Elizabeth to stop the Renho from taking over the earth.


Crash landing back into the series, Sakamoto and Mutsu make their return. And once again while Sakamoto manages to easily piss off Gintoki and Kagura he gets along just fine with Katsura, and before they know it they’re heading up to his ship.

On the streets however the first stages of the Renhou’s invasion are in place, with the rain causing anyone who makes contact with it to have their face replaced with one of their masks and talk through signs. On Sakamoto’s ship at this point, he explains just how he knows so much about the Renhou’s plan to conquer the Earth, he was the one who actually brought them there, idiotically believing that they wanted to protect the Earth instead of conquering it. Aside from that there was also a hostess club he wanted to visit.

Of course this doesn’t exactly sit well with Gintoki and Shinpachi as this current predicament is entirely his fault, with Mutsu explaining how she did some research to find out just what their plan is and how they can stop them. So once again, Gintoki, Katsura, and Sakamoto head off to face them, intending to enter their base and infiltrate the Renhou while Mutsu stalls them. Disguising themselves with custom Elizabeth costumes, however Katsura can’t handle seeing so many Elizabeths, Sakamoto has motion sickness, and Shinpachi was only painted white. With everyone none the wiser. But he insists on hiding in one of their costumes just as a patrol finds them, taking him for a pimple and attempting to remove him with a saw.

After this they head to the dining hall to further gather information, with Fumiko explaining the command structure and that their leader is the ambitious Vader who rules them with an iron fist. So in order to avoid suspicion they have to go along with the rest, however they find that they eat gaming cartridges, causing Gintoki, Sakamoto, and Katsura to revolt when they find simple Nintendo cartridges to be unacceptable. The attention this draws nearly blows their cover though, but luckily Elizabeth meets up with them and covers for them. Unfortunately at this point, the deal that Mutsu was proposing to Vader falls through, and as she preaches that they won’t back down so easily, he shows her just why they’re known as the white devils.



  • This is the second time katsura sleeping with eyes wide open. The first in Episode 110.
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