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Elizabeth runs away from home and Katsura hires the Yorozuya Three to help him search.


Starting with a somewhat new shot of the Yorozuya building, the arc then goes on to begin with the Yorozuya meeting Katsura for a request after he found a sign from Elizabeth telling him not to look for him. However only when he sees the date on it does he realise that he’s been gone for quite a while now, if anything it’s almost been a year.

At this point his memory is kind of hazy as well, so he and the Yorozuya decide to look through Elizabeth’s room, finding various signs for just about any situation, but somehow they start to bring back Katsura’s memories. Of a harsh winter during Renhou’s campaign when they met an old lady, Fumiko who would tell stories at the park, and would keep telling them even if the kids took no notice at her. It was because of this that Elizabeth went with her and helped her.

And just when it looks like this is all irrelevant a sudden development comes about in the form of who Fumiko really is, sending sharp pains through Katsura’s head as he remembers that the appearance of an old lady was only a disguise, and that in reality she was someone like Elizabeth who abandoned their mission. Not to mention his former lover as well. However at this point they had reached the next stage of their mission and he had to go, taking care of Fumiko and making Katsura faint when he tried to figure out what was going on. And while Katsura faints again, Fumiko picks up where he left off and explains that their race are known as the Renhou.

That Elizabeth is their leader with his mission, along with many others, being to gather information in preparation for conquering the earth, however to think that all the time he spent with him was meaningless is something Katsura refuses to accept. That they’re friends. And so Fumiko asks for their help in stopping him, taking the time to tease Katsura and Gintoki only to have the latter turn the tables on her. But just as it looks like all of this is going nowhere, and Shinpachi is just about to give up, help comes in the form of two characters who only appear in the openings and endings, Sakamoto and Mutsu.



  • This episode became subject of contorvesy due the had a defamatory depiction of a character that referenced a specific politician, the current Minister for Government Revitalisation Renho Murata. which resulted in the cancellation of its rerun on AT-X.