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|ename = When You Go to a Funeral for the First Time, You're Surprised by How Happy the People Are
|ename = When You Go to a Funeral for the First Time, You're Surprised by How Happy the People Are
|episode = 298
|episode = 298
|airdate = October 24, 1879
|airdate = October 24, 2011
|chapters = [[Lesson 316]]<br/>[[Lesson 317]]
|chapters = [[Lesson 316]]<br/>[[Lesson 317]]
|arc = N/A
|arc = N/A

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A beloved restaurant owner dies and the Yorozuya Three, plus the Shinsengumi Three, attend his funeral. Instead of moving on, however, the soul of the old man is overseeing the ceremony.

And only Gintoki and Hijikata notice when his ghost appears during the service.


The Yorozuya and Shinsengumi attend the funeral for the old man who ran one of the local restarants, one where dishes were catered specially regular customers and even fed the Yorozuya when they were broke.

However even as the Yorozuya and Shinsengumi are bound by grief, only Gintoki and Hijikata both notice one thing, the old man’s ghost sitting in attendance during the procession. And he is pissed. Leading them to believe that he’s come back to make sure his funeral goes well, meaning that they can’t leave until the procession ends and if anything are now charged with making sure it goes smoothly.

However when the time comes to burn some incense neither of them can remember how it goes, so Shinpachi goes first to show them how it’s done, but even after his example Kagura can’t exactly recall how to do it properly and messes it up. In doing so knocking the monk out and further pissing off the old man’s ghost. So they now have to resurrect him, with Sougo’s attempt to revive further pissing him off, and after Kondo’s attempt he’s had enough. Deciding to suck their souls out. Leaving Shinpachi, Kagura, Sougo, and Kondo all incapicatated as the old man’s ghost turls their souls about in his hands.

But just as Gintoki and Hijikata thought they could get away with sitting quietly in the back, they now need some extra people to help carry the coffin, what’t more they broke their arms trying to get out of it. Further messing things up when various parts of the old man’s body start bursting out of it. With the old man’s wife helping out by snapping off a certain part which makes them realise they locked the monk inside as well. And even then things aren’t easy for them from that point on, with the old man’s body hurtling into a nearby truck and them having to retrieve it by chasing after it in the hearse. Yet through luck they’re able to find his body, and are saved by none other than his ghost, who thanks them for giving him a fun send off with one last meal for them.