Kagura wants a mobile phone of her own in order to be able to text with her friends. Her wish is granted, and she starts harassing Gintoki and Shinpachi through text messaging.


On her way home Kagura finds that her friends all have cellphones, so she goes to Gintoki/Sadaharu to ask if she can get one as well only to be met with a half-assed reason that they cost money in a Doraemon parody. But as it would so happen, Sadaharu just so happens to poop out three cellphones. So after a quick visit to Gengai all the members of the Yorozuya now have cellphones with Kagura commemorating this event with some matching straps. However in the time after this Kagura proves a little too enthusiastic in using her cellphone to text the others, using it for whatever reason and no reason at all. The solution to which that Otose gives is to simply reply, however when the opportunity arises Shinpachi finds a threatening message from the original owner of their phones. Alongside this, Gintoki has also stormed off to his usual Pachinko Parlour and doesn’t want to be disturbed while he’s playing with his balls, leading to a string of replies from the likes of Kyuubei, Saigou, and Toujo who’ve mistaken the context of this message. Aside from that Katsura uses spam to find recruit. However amongst all these lighthearted gags, Kagura has arranged a meeting with the original owner of their phones, a man who goes by the name Death Cancer. And as Shinpachi fears the worst, he tries to arrange a meeting with Gintoki, who at this point is more concerned with playing with his balls. However while Death Cancer seems rather intimidating, in truth he’s actually quite kind, all he really wants is to get the cellphones his late wife gave him to help him speak out and are now filled with the messages he never got to send her. But even as Gintoki and Shinpachi hand theirs back easily, Kagura is rather reluctant, refusing as she and the other members haven’t connected yet, later throwing her cellphone strap into the river. In the end Gintoki and Shinpachi go with Death Cancer to visit his wife’s grave, and after sending one last message he offers them back their cellphones, but they refuse as he still hasn’t received his reply yet and even then, phones aren’t enough for them. But just as they leave he receives his response, with Gintoki and Shinpachi meeting up with Kagura, who at last returns her phone and finds that they all still have their cellphone straps. Her having retrieved hers from the river.



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