Katsura goes undercover as a maid in the Shinsengumi Comissioner's house, only to find Matsudaira trying to patch up his rocky relationship with his daughter.


In order to find a way to ruin the Shinsengumi’s commissioner Katakuriko Matsudaira, Katsura has infiltrated his household seeking that one detail that he needs, as a maid of all things.

Of course he finds it difficult to comply with his new identity as Ezurako but to better his disguise he takes to carrying around a door, allowing him to fit in with the stereotype of maids eavesdropping. However as Matsudaira’s daughter Kuriko’s birthday approaches and as he looks deeper into Matsudaira’s home life he finds himself feeling concerned, seeing a father who’s purposely distanced himself from his daughter. And when Kuriko’s birthday finally arrives Kuriko and the guests are taken hostage by terrorists after Matsudaira’s life, however they weren’t expecting the man himself to sneak in.

The Shinsengumi move in shortly afterward and explain the situation, wondering where the old man could be. And as it would so happen, at this point Matsudaira is making his way through the vents, bidding farewell to the various hostesses he’s spent time with before he gets a call from his assistant Nakasaki and Ezurako, the latter having decided to help him. Revealing that he isn’t your usual maid, and so has set up something to reveal the terrorist’s positions, showing them as ice cream cones and Matsudaira as one without a cone. A not so subtle way of revealing what he really thinks of him. However one serious flaw arises as a cone seperates from the ice cream, the system’s way of telling the terrorists apart from their soiled underwear.

And as this starts to happen in force as the terrorists race to the stairs, Matsudaira heads up the elevator, realising that he needs a distraction as he and the terrorists’s soiled underwear split up. Heading off on his own and making his way to where Kuriko is with one last terrorist lying in wait who confronts Matsudaira on putting his job above his own daughter. But to this Matsudaira says that there isn’t much for him to do as a father but to praise and scold, but as a man he can’t let anyone who harms his daughter leave unscaved. Saving Kuriko and planting his fist in his face. During the epilogue Matsudaira and Ezurako meet up again where the former receives the gift that Kuriko was going to give him, which Ezurako had swapped, and knowing who he really is, he lets Katsura go. With the episode ending with Katsura aknowledging his noble opponent.



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