Katsura goes undercover as a maid in the Shinsengumi Comissioner's house, only to find himself trying to patch up his rocky relationship with his daughter.


This episode starts with Matsudaira in a car on his way home, congratulates his subordinate Nakasaki who was just having a baby girl. Reached home, he gave a sum of money to Nakasaki for his baby. In the next morning, Kuriko scold her new maid, Ezurako(who turns out to be Katsura in disguise) for washing her underwear together with her father's. She then takes hers to wash it again, and Matsudaira who happens to be nearby takes his dropped underwear. He notices about his new maid, questioning about her before dismiss her and wash his underwear himself. Katsura then hides from a nearby building and watch Matsudaira, reminiscences about his true motive for working undercover at his enemy's home, but his focus to reveal Matsudaira's scandal was shifted away to his rocky relationship with his daughter. At night, Katsura is stalking Kuriko, however she already notice her maid's obvious presence, yet invite him into her room. She apologizes for scolding Katsura earlier, and invites Katsura to her birthday party to make it up for him. But as he asks about her father's invitation, she says she would never invite him, knowing that he wouldn't come anyway. Plus, she adds that her father's birthday is near, and she sure that he will celebrate it with the cabaret girls and use his works as an excuse to avoid his family. She then leave her room, stating that she will refuse to call Matsudaira as her father, makes Katsura to start feeling concern to his enemy. As the drunken Matsudaira has finally returned home, Katsura mentions about his daughter's birthday party to him. But instead,he gives Katsura his present for her birthday as Katsura will go to her party

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