Jugem Jugem miss Kyubei so much,cause him to escapes from the Shogun family to see Kyubei again. Kyubei and the other Yagyu members are forced to continue a desperate and fruitless search for Jugem Jugem.


Despite how kind the Shogun’s relative Mori Mori is to Jugem Jugem, it doesn’t warm up to him and thinking of Kyubei, runs away when he sleeps. Following this the Yagyu family is thrust into a state of turmoil as it means that they failed at training it, and so to fix things Kyubei leads a search party to try to find it, however just as she’s left the monkey returns and unable to find Kyubei takes to the streets looking for her. On the Yorozuya’s side of things it turns out that Kagura intends to sell the idea about Balmung Fezalion and Isaac Schneider to Bandai to bring in some extra cash. After this though they hear the doorbell ring and find Toujo with a request for them, explaining the situation and begging for their help, something only the man that the monkey considers a toilet can help with by acting as bait. Of course Gintoki doesn’t exactly take this too kindly but after seeing that the situation has esculated thanks to the monkey freeing more monkeys from the zoo, Toujo forces him to help them. And as it would turn out, every monkey thinks of him as a toilet. So in order to escape the unending rain of monkey poop the Yorozuya and Toujo take cover in a phone booth where they get the idea to call some of their friends for help, but they’re all more concerned about Shinpachi’s dirty underwear that’s mentioned in the monkey’s name. Eventually however Katsura comes through just as they’re about to give up, bringing with him the real Balmung Fezalion, who doesn’t like them either and hits them with his Hell Fakinaway, however Hasegawa comes with Isaac Schneider to stop them only to make things worse. It’s because of this that the Yorozuya and Toujo now find themselves surrounded by every monkey that escaped but Kyubei uses this opportunity to catch them all in a net, telling Mori Mori that the monkey doesn’t hate him and that he doesn’t not want to be his friend. And when Mori Mori confesses that he just wanted a friend, Kyubei asks him if he’ll say the monkey’s true name with her, and it’s from hearing this that the monkey is drawn out and Mori Mori apologises to it for separating it from its friend. He returns it to Kyubei, in return he adds another line to its name.



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