It's Christmas in Edo and Kagura writes her father a letter. She is sad that Santa Claus never visited her. Moved, her father Umi Bozu dresses himself up as Santa and hides watching Kagura, Otae, Shinpachi and Hasegawa celebrate Christmas. When he finally jumps out of the bushes to surprise her there is another Santa, a dressed up Gintoki. Both of them think that their counterpart is real. They start punching each other when another three Santas show up (Sachan, Kondo and Kyubei). Kagura decides on a contest to see who's the real Santa.


As Christmas approaches Kagura writes a letter to her father. He receives this and after responding sets off on a mission. He arrives on a planet of boxing turtles which he defeats with sweeping blows from his umbrella. After he has completed the mission he arrives bloodstained in the terminal.

Shinpachi and Kagura are celebrating Christmas Eve with Otae and Hasegawa who brought a very small cake. Umibouzo hides in the bushes dressed up as Santa.

They hear something so he takes the opportunity to surprise them. Kagura is horrified by there being two Santas.

Gintoki had also arrived as Santa and Kagura decides that there can be only one Santa. He and Umibouzo try to prove that the other isn’t Santa without giving themselves away. They both consider the possibility of the other being Santa and Gintoki remembers his previous encounter with Santa and compares Umibouzo to Freiza.

Remembering two comedians who fought, they decide to take the other one out to prove who the real one is. Only for Kyuubei in a Santa costume to block their second blows. Before she can deliver her gift a rocket fired by Kondo who’s also in a Santa costume almost hits her. He then gets knocked off the wall by a wrapped up Sacchan in a Santa costume.

Kagura whose still confused begins the competition to prove who the real Santa is.



  • Spoof on a brand of Japanese starch noodles.
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