Weather girl Ketsuno Ana is giving the wrong weather forecast. Turns out she comes from a line of traditional Onmyojis, and her forecast is not derived from mere fortune-telling but actually by using her Onmyoji powers. But her weather forecast is being sabotaged by someone who is unhappy with Ketsuno Ana's career as a weather girl despite her being an Onmyoji. Gintoki and the gang arrive at the Onmyoji mansion where they come face to face with Seimei, Ketsuno Ana's older brother.


With the arrival of Ketsuno Ana/Christel’s older brother, Seimei the Onmyouji stop their attack. The Yorozuya are invited inside where they talk about the Ketsuno clan, and how they possess their foresight due to stationing multiple demon familiars around Edo. They are interrupted when Ketsuno Ana’s weather report begins unexpectantly and they struggle to find a spare DVD to record it on. Seimei then leads the Ketsuno clan to fulfill his sister’s weather report.

The spell that they cast hits another spell that had been cast by the rival Shirino clan. Gedoumaru explains to Shinpachi and Kagura that Ketsuno Christel had once been married off to the Shirino clan as part of a peace agreement but Seimei rescued her when she became ill thus breaking it. Meanwhile the two spells continue to collide.

This ends with the defeat of the Ketsuno clan, it begins to rain, and Ketsuno Christel’s former husband, Shirino Douman steps forth. He holds a grudge against Seimei and his sister and intends to prevent any of her reports from becoming true.

While the Ketsuno clan’s Onmyouji recover, Gedomaru explains to Shinpachi and Kagura that Ketsuno Christel is important to her as she didn’t treat her like a tool. It is due to this that she hasn’t told her about Seimei’s daily battles.

Ketsuno Ana continues her weather report and Seimei runs in to see Gintoki watching it. He shows him a letter of challenge from Douman to end their battle once and for all, while Gintoki calls him bro at every chance he gets, and to Seimei, by predicting the weather his sister did a better job at protecting the people.

After he leaves, Gedoumaru tells them that Seimei will lose and after a motivational speech about not being able to stand Ketsuno Christel’s tears, Gintoki heads out with Gedoumaru accepting him as her master. Shinpachi and Kagura follow.

When their dual begins, Douman attacks Seimei with dark magic. Gedoumaru strikes the magic rescuing Seimei, and the Yorozuya arrive in Onmyouji costumes.



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