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Lately the weather forecasts Ketsuno Ana is predicting are always wrong. When Gintoki meets her on the streets he takes her to the Yorozuya's place to help her.But after a monster attacks the house,it is revealed that Ketsuno Ana is an onmyouji and some other onmyouji is targeting her. After that Gintoki and the others are on the way to the Ketsuno residence,where they fight some odd creatures.

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After playing Pachiniko it starts to rain and Gintoki meets girl who gives him her umbrella. He follows her since she doesn’t have an umbrella anymore, the girl turns out to be Ketsuno Ana who tells him to blame her for the rain.

She appears as the focus of a talk show noting her recent inaccuracy before Gintoki smashes the TV and in an attempt to show off he has Kagura serve drinks so she serves Milo. Gintoki wants to bring her smile back.

As he’s about to offer his services a demon smashes through and Ketsuno Ana destroys it to everyone’s surprise, complete with awesome background music and she reveals herself to be an Onmyouji, Christel Ketsuno. She finds a charm left from the demon, meaning that another Onmyouji had sent it.

After she had returned she does her weather report and just as she reports it to be sunny it starts to rain.

The Yorozuya head to the Ketsuno residence only to find themselves surrounded by demons. He decides to use the charm left given to him by Ketsuno Ana, he tries to activate with his blood. It doesn’t work and he ends up talking over with the demons parents and ends up witnessing domestic violence when the father accidently stabs the mother.

The charm summons the demon, Gedoumaru who is mourning her mother and she’s able to get sympathy from the other demons. It turns out however to be a facade to get in close and hit them with her club. She explains the two types of demons, she is a demon that would turn on their master at their slightest show of weakness.

The other Onmyouji attack and Gedoumaru hides under Gintoki’s kimono, before they strike they are saved by another Onmyouji, Seimei since they are friends of Christel.

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