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After eating egg over rice for three days straight, Gintoki is fed up with Kagura being the cook in charge and doesn't want any egg over rice. Frustrated by Gin's reaction, Kagura goes over to Shinpachi's house to talk to Otae. Then Otae asks her if she wants to join a cooking class with her. Together with Shinpachi and other odd faces they start the cooking class.


Tired of eating eggs on rice, Gintoki tells Kagura it’s time they had something different.So she tells Shinpachi and Otae about this. She has no problems with it and wants to marry Colonel Sanders but decides to attend a cooking class with Otae. When they arrive they find that Kyuubei is also attending the class and would marry Ronald McDonald if she could. Sacchan is also attending the class in order to marry Gintoki, and the natto is back. The teacher silences everyone with a speech about cooking being about love and they recognise her as a celebrity chef. She then gives the class a test where those who cook the worst will have to leave, he looks at their group in particular since they brought up unfortunate events from her past. They then have to try to decide on their team’s name, in the end they decide on Kato and Ken. Next they have to actually cook so they decide to cook fried rice, Kagura throws a lot of seaweed in, Otae and Sacchan get depressed over the team’s namesakes, and Kagura cheers them. After this they work together to cook the dish. They present the end result to the teacher and she tells them it’s horrible. Before they leave she tells them to remember her words about cooking being about love. After they leave the teacher reveals he doesn’t know who either Kato and Ken are. The rest of the episode is spent with reusing footage talking about the upcoming movie and how the series is going to end and Gintoki jokes about what the tickets for the movie will look like. All of the (somewhat) recent episode titles have contained numbers counting down to the movie. A trailer for the movie is then presented as if it’s grand finale to the series.



  • First town in the game Dragon Quest 3 (DQ3).
  • Another town in the game DQ3.