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Sougo continues to hide the truth about Kirie's father for her sake, while Kamiyama reveals that he killed Kirie's father, not Sougo.


Kirie calls out and the Joui member survivor tells her the truth. Kamiyama found her father alone in the room and when he moved to strike him, Kamiyama defended himself and cut her down. Meanwhile Kamiyama, Gintoki, and Shinpachi are on the way, Kamiyama explains to them what happened along with Sougo’s actions in covering the incident up in order to protect the inn keeper’s daughter. Sougo ordered for this to be a secret so he can’t report it. Back to ruins where Kirie, Kagura, and Sougo are being kept, Kirie has passed out Sougo talks to Kagura and then freaks out as he has to go to the bathroom and then stops. Everyone is grossed out and Kagura clears them all out with her vomit. Sougo picks up a sword and they escape from their ropes and run off. Kamiyama, Gintoki, and Shinpachi have arrived and head in. Meanwhile, Sougo and Kagura are fending off multiple Joui members, a sniper shoots Kagura in the leg and Sougo carries Kirie to hide somewhere. After talking Sougo picks up his sword to faces them alone. Kamiyama, Gintoki, and Shinpachi look for them. After talking he starts fighting them so that Kagura and Kirie can get away, he’s able to fend off their attacks at close range but gets hit by the snipers. He then picks up another swords and deflects the bullets. Kagura and Kirie limp away, Kirie is crying. Sougo has managed to get through most of them, but their leader is still there and he orders them to attack, however instead of Joui members Gintoki, Kamiyama, Shinpachi, and the Shinsengumi are there in obvious disguises. Sougo beats him as he tries to get away. After all of this Sougo and Kamiyama have to do paperwork and Sougo gets a message from Kirie the same way they met.