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The second character popularity poll from the manga is made in the anime to celebrate the DVDs' good sales and the making of a film of Gin Tama. Ranking 8th again, Shinpachi becomes and he has a chat with 9th-ranked Yamazaki about their lack of popularity. Later, Shinpachi finds a wounded naked Yamazaki with his ranking now being 136. With Yamazaki's "last words" being to protect the ranking, Shinpachi searches for help. He finds that Sachan, Tae and Kyubei want to attack the top ten characters with 9th ranked Tsukuyo (her place being now the one of Yamazaki) being their first target. Angry with the large number of female characters in the series, Tae decides to kill the Hideaki Sorachi (who had a better rank than her) making the animation of the series deteriorate until the screen is left black.


It’s time for another countdown episode! They talk briefly about the sales reaching 878,236 before then having a character countdown. In the same style that they used for the countdown episode before.

Top ten are as follows:

  • 10. Tsukuyo
  • 9. Yamazaki
  • 8. Shinpachi
  • 7. Kamui
  • 6. Kagura
  • 5. Katsura
  • 4. Takasugi

Kagura gloats about going up and Shinpachi only stayed at no.8.

  • 3. Hijikata
  • 2. Sougo

Just as it gets to no. 1 they cut to the opening. Gintoki obviously got no.1.

Shinpachi talks about rankings and meets Yamazaki in a coffee shop. Yamazaki had went dropped from no. 5 to no.9. They leave talking about their rankings and how they can’t be no.1 yet they still did well and are emphasising the other characters. Yamazaki having accepted this, tears up and runs away.Shinpachi finds him beaten and naked under a bridge, his rank dropping by the second. He tells him to run and protect his own rank as his rank hits 136.

Shinpachi runs thinking of who the culprit is and sees Sachan (no.25) meet Otae (no.16), they accuse each other of being the culprit and talk about their rankings, a justaway got no.21 and both Kondo and Sorachi got no.15 and no.14, this causes them to attack each other but Kyuubei (no.13) stops them. She intends to take advantage of the situation and make Otae no.1.

They see Tsukuyo’s rank and are angry at how a new character with so little screen time placed higher than they did.

Otae jumps up to the screen to beat Sorachi, Shinpachi runs to find Gintoki since he’s already no.1 but then the world starts to sway.

The ending was shown with the character’s rankings, with Sorachi gone Otae was no.15.