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Tsukuyo falls into the hands of Jiraia, her former master, and is held captive. Meanwhile Gintoki manages to survive the attack thanks to Zenzo, and he learns about Jiraia’s past. During the Amanto attack twenty years ago, Jiraia is said to have killed his own people within the Oniwabanshu, all for the sake of his devotion to the previous shogun. In the end Jiraia himself was the one to be terminated, but he managed to escape. Now his devotion is directed toward his own creation, Tsukuyo. Jiraia’s motive is to eliminate the bond that she has come to rely upon. And he intends to achieve that goal by setting fire to Yoshiwara and burning down everything!


Zanzo explains some of Jiraia’s past, how he burned his face, abandoned his name, and how he had attempted to assassinate the shogun but Zanzo’s father had seen through this and was able to save the Shogun at the last minute. Following this Jiraia vanished.

Jiraia’s web covers the entire Yoshiwara, he then lights it aflame.

Shinpachi, Kagura, and Seita catch up with Gintoki. Seita hands him his clothes, Gintoki remembering his teacher swears to never forgive Jiraia’s actions as a teacher. He then heads to where Jiraia is.

Jiraia lights more threads, and notices some of the other threads are being cut. Shinpachi and Kagura run along the rooftops cutting the threads. Hinowa mobilises the Hyakka to put out the flames.

The members of Jiraia’s gangs arrive and go to attack Hinowa, Zanzo arrives protecting her and offering his services. Hinowa offers him a VIP card for the hostess club he was in earlier in return.

Tsukuyo begs Jiraia to stop and then Jiraia starts hitting her. He talks and then raises a blade to her scar and before he can cut her Gintoki’s bokuto strikes his hand, telling him to get away from her he hits him back, he then cuts Tsukuyo free catching her as she falls.