Gintoki and Tsukuyo infiltrate the Benigumoto, the Red Spiders, to get a lead on the man with the tattooed spider on his neck, but are discovered and quickly surrounded. The two manage to fend for themselves, when the man with the tattooed spider makes a sudden appearance and attacks Gintoki! The man then speaks as if he knows Tsukuyo. Who is this man?


The episode picks up exactly where the previous left off. Gintoki is hit with multiple kunai at close range in a single attack, when Tsukuyo heads in she is struck as well. Jiraia slams Gintoki against a wall and goes to stab him, Gintoki blocks with one of the kunai he was hit with and kicks him back. Jiraia throws kunai everywhere and jumps back after dodging an attack. They then attack each other at close range.

A scene of Shinpachi and Kagura with Hinowa and Seita, Hinowa talks about Tsukuyo and how Jiraia was the original leader of the Hyakka.

Back to the fight with Jiraia, Tsukuyo has recognised Jiraia as her former teacher. Jiraia reveals that his current face is no more than a mask, peeling off half of the mask. His real face is covered in scars. He lectures Tsukuyo on how she should throw everything away.

Jiraia disappeared when there was a fire in the Yoshiwara, he managed to save Tsukuyo, but was supposedly crushed by burning debris.

Jiraia leaps down and grabs Tsukuyo by the throat, and is met with a blow by Gintoki that he blocks. However immediately afterwards he is hit with a barrage of kunai and Jiraia seems to be able to walk on air, this is because when he was throwing the kunai they were attached to wires. So as well as attacking he was setting up his web. Attacked from by all directions he runs as Jiraia moves like a spider on its web.

He then collapses blood spraying everywhere but before Jiraia can strike the finishing blow a kunai thrown by Tsukuyo strikes his wrist and he falls into the harbour.

Hattori observes the situation while reading JUMP on one of the shipping containers.

Gintoki wakes up in the Yoshiwara surrounded by Shinpachi, Kagura, and Seita. Meanwhile Hattori is partying at one of the hostess clubs, Gintoki kicks him. Hattori explains some of Jiraia’s backstory.

In an abandoned warehouse overlooking the Yoshiwara Tsukuyo wakes up on a spider web, Jiraia walks forward.



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