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Tsukuyo hires the Yorozuya to help her stop a recent crime spree in Yoshiwara.


An unknown man is seen overlooking Yoshiwara from a window explaining to a courtesan about the "Moon" of Yoshiwara.

A flashback of Tsukuyo as a child creating the scars on her face is shown. She is being told by a man to give up her womanhood because he will be her sole protector.

Tsukuyo is awoken by Seita who informs her that the Yorozuya is there. Tsukuyo explains that since the death of Housen, crime rates have risen specifically in the area of illegal drugs. She requests the help of Gintoki and the Yorozuya to help deter the problem. Gintoki exclaims that it would be difficult considering the amount of people in Yoshiwara but Tsukuyo has a lead that a man with a spider tattoo is the primary source of the issue.

Acting as a married thug couple, Gintoki and Tsukuyo infiltrate a group of thieves known as the Benigumoto (Red Spiders) because every member has a spider tattoo however the organization only wants to steal kamaboko. Gintoki and Tsukyo escape to investigate another faction with spider tattoos on their bodies.

Meanwhile, Shinpachi and Kagura learn about the organization from common thugs and are warned about its leader. At that moment Tsukuyo and Gintoki are spotted and ambushed.