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Gintoki and the other two Yorozuya are making a countdown with the best lines said by the all the characters in the anime.


This is a countdown/recap episode so there really isn’t that many screenshots since it mostly consists of scenes from previous episodes.

The characters outside of the countdown segments hosting it are in cgi.

  • Katsura and Gintoki surrounded by Amanto during the amanto invasion from the upcoming OVA. A reanimated version of the scene from Episode 5. Most of the screenshots below are from this.
  • The ad for the OVA is shown twice, in a row.
  • A message from the people who sang the current Ending theme.
  • A montage of various female characters with the Ending theme, “Wo Ai Ni” in the background.
  • Gintoki fighting the Amanto in the ring in one of the earlier Harusame Arc .
  • Gintoki in a pirate costume fighting one of the Harusame captains.from Episode 13.
  • Sougo raising his sword to someone. While the Yorozuya fight from Episode 27.
  • These are shown again with Bleeps.
  • Gintoki saves Shinpachi from the Octopus monster from Episode 7.
  • A montage of stuff they had to censor with one of Otsuu’s songs in the background.
  • A montage of Katsura correcting people on his name.

Prince Hata takes over and does the narration.

Stairway generation, the current Opening theme is the Ending theme so maybe a new Opening next week?