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Gin has caught a cold in the middle of summer, so Shinpachi comes to visit him at the Yorozuya's place. There Gin tells him he feels so sick that he does not care about a thing anymore. Disappointed about hearing this, Shinpachi recalls a memory from an influenza infected all his friends. In the past, Shinpachi is forced to look after Otae, Gintoki, Kagura, Ayame, Isao. They are later joined by Hasegawa who is completely covered in the virus. Katsura later arrives but has become "Wirusu *su" (a play on the words wirusu "virus" and Wiru Sumisu "Will Smith") due to the virus although he is immune to the virus's effects. He begins curing the others by absorbing the viruses but due to Isao, the viruses Katsura collected is released turning all but Shinpachi into "Ill Smith."


Live-Action Gintama with Gintoki and Kagura as mannequins and Shinpachi as a pair of glasses. They go to Sunrise studios. After that Shinpachi has to look after Otae who has a cold/the flu, Gintoki and Kagura also catch it

Kondo, and Sa-chan have caught it as well. Kondo is sent outside to wave leeks around, and Sa-chan hallucinates. Hasegawa has also caught it and is coughing up blood. Someone saying “Yes we can” with Katsura’s voice actor then shows up and sucks up the cold/flu. He then gets accidentally poked with one of Kondo’s leeks and unleashes it all.

Shinpachi wakes up from his futon and thinks that it was all a dream but then he is surrounded by his friends who are all affected by the 'ill smith' virus.


Differences from the manga[]

  • Katsura's "Ill Smith" face is completely obstructed by a black bar. 
  • The final scene in the Anime consists of everyone but Shinpachi saying "Yes we can".


  • The phrase ”Yes we can” refers to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign slogan.