Shinpachi's attack drains Hijikata's life points slowly, when suddenly the otaku Tosshi takes control of Hijikata's body and attacks with a card called Dizon, which both Tosshi's and Shinpachi's life points drop to zero. Despite no cards and life points left, the two rivals continue fighting, turning the fight into a boxing match. After a magnificent battle, Hijikata Toshiro is freed from Tosshi and Shinpachi gives up the title of the official fan club and continues to be the leader of his own Fan Club.


Continuing from the last episode, Hijikata struggles to keep standing from the blast and starts to panic. Mentally, Tosshi tells his original personality that he will finish this and takes over, drawing a card that cancels out the entire round, leading to the two of them with zero life points and out cold. The duo struggle to their feet, took off some items and begins to punch each other. They ignore Otsuu's pleas to stop, with Gintoki telling her that this match had become beyond the contest.

When they separated, Shinpachi, after revealing the person he was fighting with was the otaku instead of the Vice Commander, wonders why he decided to take over instead of letting Hijikata win this contest. Tosshi asks a similar question of why the teen himself was still fighting despite hearing Otsuu's pleas. They continue to fight; Tosshi mentally realizes that becoming the Otaku King was never what he wanted to be remembered by. Instead he simply wanted to enjoy his hobbies with others, especially his first otaku rival, Shinpachi. He believes that the teen feels the same way as the two give one last punch, knocking each other out. The crowd, Yorozuya, Shinsengumi, and the announcer all cheer the two on as they slowly get up. The two attack one final time; Tosshi thanks everyone, especially Shinpachi and Hijikata for the sendoff.

Sometime later, Hijikata pays respects to Tosshi's (actually Hijikata's) picture and asks Yamazaki about what happened since the contest. The inspector responds that Shinpachi turned down the chance of being Otsuu's official fanclub and is slowly regaining its membership numbers. Shinpachi decides let Tosshi become the first and only member of the Official Fan-Club. This ends up annoying Hijikata, who decides to return the favor by helping Shinpachi restore his members. Yamazaki decides to use Tosshi's membership card as the new funerary picture.