The final battle begins. In the boxing ring Hijikata and Shinpachi face off in an Otsu Card battle. Toshi, having the upper hand easily dominates. Shinpachi, drawing Bassist Kim cards, is seemingly out of luck until he manages to turn it around with the sacrifice of Kim's mole. Shinpachi draws Drummer Kiyoshi card, unfortunately Kim and Kiyoshi seem to have had a bad fight over who ate a pizza. Hijikata using a Stylist card boosting his attack power. Shinpachi uses his mystery investigation card, which reveals someone else ate the pizza. Kim and Kiyoshi make up and play together overwhelming Hijikata's attack power, sending Hijikata flying.


Hijikata summons a crazy old lady that chaces shinpachi around with a guitar. Shinpachi counters by summoning the Bassist Kim, after seeing Kim the crazy old lady’s attack points go up. Kim sacrifices his mole to protect Shinpachi. He then summons the drummer Kiyoshi up who teams up with Kim. Hijikata counters by powering the old lady, Shinpachi rests his hopes on a mystery card and Kim and Kiyoshi start playing repelling the old lady’s attack.

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