While Kagura races ahead, she runs into Kondo who is participating as well. Yamazaki tells Gintoki then that he, together with Okita, Kondo and Hijikata participates in this contest. Meanwhile, Kagura races against Kondo, but both running at the wrong direction. When Yamazaki finally notices that Taka-chin is injured, Gintoki takes him to a hospital and Shinpachi runs ahead of him. Somehow Gintoki returns very quickly with a not very look-alike replacement of Taka-chin. After running as fast as he can, Shinpachi finally reaches the crowd racing in front of him, but all of a sudden they form a Genbu wall to prevent Shinpachi from passing through. Shinpachi then desperately tries to make himself a way through the crowd and in the end runs on the rail of the bridge the Otakus are crossing.


While Kagura runs ahead, bulldozing the competitors, she is stopped by Kondou, revealing his involvement in the game. In trying to throw Yamazaki off them, carrying the injured Takachin, Shinpachi and Gintoki learn that Kagura and Kondou became too competitive to realize they went the wrong way, subsequently putting themselves out of the race. Horrified, Shinpachi and Gntoki rush as fast as they can, further injuring Takachin and making Yamazaki more suspicious. Gintoki decides to take the unconscious teen to the hospital (actually a urological surgeon) while telling Shinpachi to run on ahead. As Yamazaki believes that Shinpachi will have no chance, Gintoki comes back quickly... with a muscular foreigner named Taka-tin, trying to poorly pass him off as the hurt teenager. Yamazaki decides to blow the whistle on Gintoki's illegal move but is stopped by the two, who decides to make sure the inspector tells nobody.

Shinpachi makes it to the bulk of the racers but before reaching them, they suddenly linked themselves together, forming a wall. Hijikata approaches the teen, telling him that all the participants except Shinpachi's group are working with him to make sure Shinpachi definitely loses. Telling Shinpachi to give up, Hijikata walks away to the front of the group becoming first, while the other racers reformed the wall and run on. Shinpachi refuses to give in and desperately tries to break through the barrier multiple times, to no avail. When they reach a narrow bridge, Shinpachi decides to run along its railing to surpass them. As he did so, Gintoki and Taka-tin arrive to help, destroying the bridge, and letting all the racers (including Shinpachi) plummet into the river.



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