Tojo is holding a surprise birthday party for Kyuubei. Among the people he invited are many celebrities and of course the Yorozuya, Katsura, Hasegawa, Otae and Kamenashi (All the people who went to the Ryugu castle) as well. In the manga however it was Gintoki who invited Katsura and Hasegawa. Shinpachi doesn't want to stand out in the crowd of celebrities so he desperately tries to make Gin and the others behave properly, failing miserably and making the celebrities look down on them. In the end though, it was the best birthday party Kyuubei ever had.


Characters Edit



Gintama's Oguri Shunnosuke


Real-life haiyuu (actor) Oguri Shun


Gintama's Tamo-san


Real-life Japanese comedian Tamori-san


Gintama's Japanika assessment book


The original Japonika Gakushou Chou series


Cover of TV manga Sazae-san

  • The actors invited to the party -
  1. Oguri Shunnosuke 小栗旬之助 - This is referring to 小栗旬 Oguri Shun, a popular Japanese male actor. The actor's birthday is 26 Dec, but the episode was broadcast in April, so this episode is unlikely to be a 'tribute' to the real-life actor's birthday, even though he was shown partaking in Kyuubei's birthday cake towards the end of the episode. As a side note, he did not stay to celebrate with Kyuubei in the end in the manga. He is added in the last scene in the anime only.
  2. The other is Tamosan from お昼の顔 ohiru no kao - this is referring to タモリさん tamori-san, of the same show, which airs Mon to Fri 12-1pm. Refer to Wikipedia Stub for English version, Japanese Wikipedia for full details.

  • The assessment book bought by Gintoki as present for Kyuubei, the japanika gakushou chou -
  • This is referring to ジャポニカ学習帳 japonika gakushou chou, a series of assessment books for junior schoolers, generally priced below 200 yen per book.

  • サザエさん sazae-san is a long-running manga/anime series that started in 1969 and is still ongoing.

  • Otae mentioned that even the reckless Gintoki should be aware of TPO -
  • TPO = Time(時間), Place(場所), Occasion(場合), this is a catchphrase coined by 石津 謙介 Ishiji Kensuke, a Japanese fashion designer of the VAN label.

  • The board game that Gintoki, Katsura and Hasegawa were playing is called 人生すごろく jinsei sugoroku, Life's Double-Six. This game is possibly a combined reference to-
  1. the board game called 人生ゲーム jinsei gemu, The Game of Life, which uses a roulette wheel to determine players' turns. For details, refer to Wikipedia Link, full details in Japanese version.
  2. すごろく sugoroku (meaning double-six, from a pair of dice), a snake-and-ladder type game. For details, refer to Wikipedia Link, full details in Japanese version.
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