Gintoki visits a barbershop to get his hair cut. After Kagura mentions that the seventh volume of the manga Abu is missing, the barber runs off to buy the volume and leaves the Yorozuya to look after the shop. After a while, Katsura and Kondo enter the shop to get an image change. As the Yorozuya try to tend to them, not knowing what they are doing, someone unexpected enters the shop... The Shogun enters, wanting the Yorozuya to redo his mage.


Gintoki visits his barber who insists on giving him a chonmage or mage for short. He on the other hand requests for a straight perm. The two argue over what appropriate hairstyles Gintoki should get, while Kagura and Shinpachi watch from the sidelines. Kagura soon chimes in and finds out from the barber that business is awful as of late. A new hairstylist shop opened up across the street and charge exorbitant prices for sloppy quality. Though it's been a real damper on his spirits, the barber moves on. As Gintoki becomes annoyed by the fact that his hair isn't being cut, Kagura mentions that the 7th volume of the manga Abu is missing. Shocked by this, the barber leaves his shop to the Yorozuya while he gets the 7th volume.

Left in charge of the shop, the Yorozuya see Kondo at the hair salon across the street. One of the employees approaches Kondo and asks is there a problem. Stammering his words, Kondo claims he's looking for a new barber. The employee points Kondo to the barber across the street as his stalker tendencies are bothersome. So Kondo heads over there much to the Yorozuya's dismay. Once Kondo arrives, the Yorozuya in disguise greets him. Originally Gintoki claims they're booked up for the day but after Kondo's morose monologue, they take him in. Shinpachi and Kagura then argue with Gintoki who doesn't want to serve Kondo because of their lackluster barbering purview.

Still, they listen to Kondo's self-pitying desire to have a makeover done. This is so he can break down and be a brand new person. Kagura acquiesces Kondo's request by slamming his face into the sink breaking it. Kondo then reiterates his request and Gintoki takes it as being Blanka and then change to Zangief. Kondo perceives it more as E. Honda becoming Guile. When Shinpachi requests to see an example of what kind of appearance Kondo is looking for, he's left astonished. The suave appearance Kondo is looking for is impossible for him to achieve. While Kagura gets Kondo ready for his makeover, Katsura arrives. He claims that he heard that a charismatic hairdresser is there and wants a makeover. Shinpachi and Gintoki try and get rid of Katsura. However, as stubborn as Katsura is, he's convinced that Gintoki is the charismatic hairdresser. So in order to not let Katsura and Kondo see one another as they are natural enemies, Gintoki and Kagura respectively serve them.

Once everything appears to be settled, Matsudaira arrives with the 7th volume of the manga Abu. And with him is an eager Tokugawa Shige Shige who wants to get his mage redone.

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  • The human instrumentality project is a Neon Genesis Evangelion reference.
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