After several days in captivity, Hijikata and Sougo continue to search for a method to escape. Jigsaw has his dog Kikuzou enter the room and the dog nearly takes away the keys, but Hijikata is able to grab the dog and keys. Sougo takes this opportunity to attack Hijikata for Hijikata goes berserk and escapes from the room with Sougo. However, in the end, we figure out it was Sougo who had planned it all and that the man who put them there was his friend. In the end, Sougo hints that Gintoki will be his next target.


Kikuzou, Jigsaw's pet dog enters the hallway where the key is and takes the key. Immediately, Hijikata tries to reason with the dog to drop the key. Kikuzou does, but only to try and take a dump on it. This prompts Hijikata to go grab the key and Kikuzou before he's able to crap on it. Okita retaliates by retracting the chain in order to kill him, but Hijikata throws the key out the barred window.

3 days have now passed by and both Hijikata and Okita are exhausted, dehydrated, and looking emaciated. Jigsaw appears on the screen again enjoying a chuubert and informing the two of the impending doom of their HQ. So as a show of amnesty, Jigsaw reveals that there's another key item in the back of the furthest locker in the room. Okita looks behind the fridge and finds a fridge with a grape-flavored chuubert inside of it. This leads to an argument of which side one of them gets to suck on.

After checking the back of another locker, a coping saw is found. The two try and saw their chains but it's no use. At his end, Okita collapses and after a brief talk between the two, Okita sacrifices himself to save Hijikata and the HQ. With Okita dead and Jigsaw taunting him one last time. Hijikata goes berserk and manages to escape the confinement with Okita's corpse. During his escape, he falls into a pitfall and hangs by the chain that's connected to Okita's. On the other hand, Okita is revealed to be alive and well. He unlocks his collar, causing Hijikata to fall to his doom. It's then revealed that Jigsaw and Okita were colluding with one another and they plan on targeting Gintoki next.



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