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Hijikata and Sougo find themselves chained to each other in a strange place. After they remember how they got there, a mysterious man shows up in a t.v. attached to the wall. The man tells them that if they can't get the key, which unlocks their chains, in 72 hours the Shinsengumi headquarters will explode by a bomb placed within it. The catch is if one escapes and unlocks their chain the other person will explode.


Hijikata awakens from a locker in a dark musty room with a collar around his neck with a long chain attached to it. Okita signals him, revealing he too has a collar and the chain is connected to it. The two were ambushed by someone during their night patrol and locked them up in their current confinement. The person in question reveals himself on a small tv screen attached to the wall. He introduces himself as Jigsaw and states that he's a fan of Shinsengumi. Furthermore, he announces that in 72 hours their HQ will explode. They can prevent the explosion by escaping, however, they'll need to escape their confinement first. To do so, they'll need to get the key located at the end of the passage was. Even so, with the way that they're chained up, they won't be able to reach it unless one of them is slammed up against the wall. Okita takes this opportunity to try and fetch the key much to the dismay of Hijikata. Enjoying the scene, Jigsaw claims that only one of them will be able to escape. Their collars have bombs attached to them. If one of them uses the key to unlock their collar the other person's collar would explode.

Enraged by their predicament, Hijikata then tries to fetch the key. Amused by their predicament, a woman's voice from Jigsaw's side calls him by his real name to inform him that dinner is ready. The two chained men continue to struggle for a bit until Okita tries to allay the tension between them with reason. As the two talk it out, Okita claims he needs to take a piss and so Hijikata does as well. The scene that plays out next is about Hijikata on high alert about trying to finish peeing before Okita finishes. The following morning, Jigsaw greets the two. He then goes on a long tirade disparaging the two until his mother appears. Although Hijikata is perturbed by the appearance of the old lady, Okita shifts his focus to breaking the chain that binds them. Both of their inner-monologue reveals that they'll kill the other when the other tries to kill him.

Hijikata then suggests that Okita take a rest as he's been trying to break the chain since the day before. Okita claims he's fine and believes Hijikata should rest instead. In order to catch the other off guard, the two decide to feign going to sleep. This proves to be a major waste of time as half a day passes by and the two didn't sleep a wink. Jigsaw greets the two again and taunts them to betray one another. They, however, refuse. So to raise the stakes, Jigsaw sends in Kikuzou.