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The conclusion of the Yoshiwara arc.


After heeding Hinowa’s words he turns from his path into darkness and walks into the light. This is then interrupted by Kamui, who congratulates them on a splendid performance and how the trip was worth it. He then remarks on how even though Housen was vanquished darkness is everywhere, Gintoki responds that the light will shine through.

They are then interrupted by Kagura, but Shinpachi manages to hold her back. Kamui then tells Gintoki to look after her and make her stronger. He then tells Gintoki that he should get stronger as well and heal his wounds. So he can kill him when the time comes. Before jumping off the rooftop to Kagura’s screams.

It then shows Abuto sitting in an alley, and Kamui who has come to pick him up. They then discuss their Yato blood and how it has made Abuto weak, and how Kamui is now similar to him as he has taken interest in the Samurai’s future, in particular Gintoki’s. This is due to Gintoki’s resilience in defeating Housen and how the Samurai have a sense of carnage that rivals even the Yato and how Gintoki is now his prey. He then proceeds to tell Abuto that he will need him to think of a way to save the Samurai and stay in a favourable position with their superiors. Kamui then recalls Housen’s words of leading to an empty battlefield, he then deinies this as he has found a new frontier.

After this its to Umibouzu and Gintoki at Housen’s grave, which is located near a seaside cliff. They then argue who will be the one to die first, before getting to the point of their conversation which is that Kamui is the new Night King yet he is leaving the Yoshiwara as it is and what will Gintoki do when Kamui returns and Kagura is in their presence? Umibouzu then remarks on the differences between Humans and the Yato before walking off.

Its then back to comedy as even though the Yoshiwara has been exposed to the sun’s light it hasn’t changed at all, retaining the elements from when Housen was in control. There is then a special full ending of the 12th and current ending theme before finishing with Gintoki being served by Hinowa looking up to the sun in reference to his words in Episode 143.