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After Shinpachi is nearly killed by Abuto, Kagura has turned into a yato killing machine, showing no mercy to her opponent.


Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi continues running deeper in to the temple before the all gets ambushed by Abuto. Kagura and Shinpachi then offers to hold him off as Gintoki would continue on without them.

Shinpach & Kagura then teams up against Abuto and fights. However, Abuto easily overwhelms them and Kagura is left fightning him alone. Abuto then strikes a strong hit on her stomach with his leg and her body gets tossed away easily. Abuto stamp his foot on top of Kagura's head and tells her that she has no will to kill her enemies and that she disgrace their Yato blood. Shinpachi then cuts him from behind with his staff and tells him to let Kagura go in anger. the cut though got Abuto's left arm in which was already gone. Abuto repels Shinpachi and uses his staff to smash him into the roof while pushing the staff onto Shinpachi's stomach. Abuto then let Kagura choose to either be killed herself or seeing her friend being killed. Shinpachi though tells him off as it is only quiz that Abuto is talking about. Abuto then starts to push the staff further into Shinpachi on wall and slowlly try to kill him as Kagura tells him stop in terror. Kagura suddenly re-awakes her true Yato blood impulse and breaks through Abuto's foot with her bare hands.

Abuto in surprise retreats back and realise Kagura's awakening of the Yato blood. When he sees her eyes he says that she has the same murder eyes as Kamui. Abuto then starts to fight back again with an awakening Kagura as she starts to get the upper hand against him. Abuto unleash a great hit to her at one point but Kagura headbangs him back from the ground and pierce him with a staff. Abuto gets flying outside and lands near the end of a roof slate. As Kagura is about to finish him off Shinpachi jumps in and stop her from doing the final blow. He tells Abuto that he does not do it for his sake but that he does not want Kagura to be the same as them and be the same normal Kagura. After a second Kagura returns to her normal senses but the roof slare suddenly breaks them and all three of them lose their footing. Abuto then suddenly push Shinpachi and Kagura back on a ledge as he fell off the building alone.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Sakata Gintoki
  2. Shimura Shinpachi
  3. Kagura
  4. Tsukuyo
  5. Abuto
  6. Hyakka


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