While looking for the missing daughter of a wealthy family, the Yorozuya get caught up in the workings of the Harusame, an Amanto group of drug-smuggling space pirates.


The Yorozuya are at a client to get their next job. The client is asking them to locate his missing daughter and bring her back home. The Yorozuya accept the job, even if Gin is not into it much because of a hangover he has. They learn from her father that she likes to hang out in clubs, so they go to one to find some information about her. However, they are not successful with that, as nobody seems to have seen her. Gin goes to the toilet in an attempt to cure his hangover. While he is there, a woman tells him to give her the "usual stuff" or else she will go to the police. Meanwhile, Kagura and Shinpachi learn of a new drug getting distributed in the streets called Shabu Shabu and anyone that takes it meets a tragic end. As the woman continues to shout to Gin, the Harusame space pirates enter the toilet and knock her out. Gin fights with their leader trying to take the woman away, as she turns out to be the woman their client asked them to retrieve. As he makes an exit out of the toilet, he is ambushed by more pirates and notices that they have captured Shinpachi and Kagura. Having trouble as he holds the woman with his one hand, he gets stabbed in his left shoulder and is thrown off the window all the way to the ground. The next thing Gin sees is a nightmare, where he is tortured by his conscience because he can't save anyone. Finally, he is awaken by Katsura. It seems that his men found him and the girl and brought him to safety. Katsura informs Gin about the pirates' illegal actions of distributing drugs to various planets and that they have ends in the government making them untouchable. So they decide to infiltrate their ship and rescue the rest of the Yorozuya and destroy their supplies as a bonus objective. Even if they are dressed up as pirates, they are not granted access to the ship, so they use force to get aboard. On the ship's deck, the pirates are questioning Shinpachi to tell them what his real plans are and who his boss is, while threatening to throw Kagura in the ocean. Kagura kicks their leader who is holding her captive and decides to drop in the sea herself, however Gin saves her the last moment. Katsura blows up the storeroom with the drugs and Gin has a second showdown with the pirates' captain. He defeats him and manages to save his friends.


  • When Gin and Katsura talk to the pirate about dreaming to be pirates since they were kids in search of the lost treasure "One Park", it is a clear reference to One Piece.
  • The way the disguised Katsura responds to "Zura" is the same reaction as with Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film.

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