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A young thief tries to steal Gintoki's wallet in order to see a certain woman.


The episode starts off with a line that will probably be significant towards the end of the arc before going into the Opening. This line metaphorically speaks about even if something were to be unbiased the things that influence it are and will determine the result, or something drastically different or similar. After the Opening we get a bit of comedy whilst introducing a new character, Seita who is a street urchin and attempts to pickpocket Gintoki. Only to find that hes broke and in fact has less money than he does. Gintoki then catches him and gives him a lecture, Seita’s reason for pickpocketting is then shown as he leads Gintoki to an underground city(arguerably brothel). It turns out that his reason for pickpocketting was in order to save up enough money in order to meet a hostess who might be his mother who abandoned him eight years ago. Its then to Otose’s snack house where we get a bit more on Seita’s backstory, and Otose offers him a job. He then cleans himself up and works continuing to save up money.

Back to the underground city where there are joui members walking through and making a scene. A ninja lady who has infinite throwing knives then takes them out. Its then back to Otose’s snack house where Gintoki and Otose discuss Seita’s progress and the underground city and how it is ruled by the “night king Housen”. Its then back to the underground city where we see two bouncers discussing and the one who was looking after Seita’s money admitting that he’d spent it on alcohol. Gintoki overhears this and knocks them both out by simply drawing his Bokuto, he then empties the bouncers wallet and is caught by the ninja lady She then attacks Gintoki with her infinite throwing knives in response Gintoki dodges them and responds with a flipping strike where he flips backwards while slamming the ninja in the face with his Bokuto. The ninja then calls for reinforcements. In response Gintoki retreats. Theres then a scene where Housen does a “sit in a big poorly lit room and speaks whilst sipping sake being poured by generic servants and giving off a villainous aura”. Kagura and Shinpachi arrive and are the ones to tell Seita that the bouncer spent all his money the response is to throw what money he does have on the ground in a frustrated manner. Suddenly knives hit the ground, and Kagura and Shinpachi whilst holding Seita jump out of the way. The one who attacked them was the ninja lady whose brought reinforcements, the ninja lady is revealed to be the head of the Hyakka, Tsukyuo.