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While cleaning the Yorozuya shop, Shinpachi and Kagura find a picture behind a sign depicting Gintoki with a beautiful woman. As they start to argue about who this woman could have been, Gintoki returns and starts to explain that she was the previous character of Catherine. Gintoki then reveals the other's previous characters: Shinpachi's was Kanemura, a muscular black man with a gun for a right arm; Sadaharu's was a man similar to Kanemura, and Kagura's was a muscular black woman. The final pictures implies Gintoki drowned his former companions, causing Shinpachi and Kagura to leave in disgust. Gintoki hides a picture of the current Odd Jobs behind the sign and prays for a good new year.


While doing some cleaning around the Yorozuya Gin-chan. Kagura and Shinpachi, find an envelope with some pictures in it that was behind the sign that hung behind Gintoki's desk. One of the pictures is an old picture of Gintoki with a Beautiful Fleshy Woman. Kagura surmises that the woman was Gintoki's lusty girlfriend. Disconcerted on what they found, the two try and put the sign back up with the envelope behind it. The two fail, however, and Gintoki arrives as the pictures in the envelope scatter around the room. Although Shinpachi tries to feign ignorance and Kagura says a nasty comment. Gintoki claims the picture is nostalgic and the person in it belonged the Old Yorozuya.

The group then start to talk about the Old Yorozuya around the kotatsu. In Gintoki's explanation of the women in the picture with him, he claims that Catherine was her equivalent. The woman also helped out Gintoki from time to time and helped balance the accounting as well. Shinpachi curiously asks Gintoki who filled their positions in the Old Yorozuya and Kagura concurs. So Gintoki reveals the man who had Shinpachi's job, a man named Kanemaru. He then elaborates on what kind of person Kanemaru was and a funny story that happened to them at a family restaurant. Next, Gintoki reveals the woman that had Kagura's position, Ikesawa. The picture shown, however, was of Furuhashi who had Sadaharu's job. Apparently Furuhashi had a charming personality but he was a glutton. Finally, Gintoki shows a picture of Ikesawa. Though it's noted that the woman in front of the picture isn't her but rather the lady behind her holding a bottle of sake. Kagura has a snit about the person she replaced and Gintoki tries to console her by telling how he met with Ikesawa.

Shinpachi contentiously notes that how would Gintama sell with the Old Yorozuya. Rebuking the remark, Gintoki claims that it sold well and several scenes involving the Old Yorozuya are shown. Still unimpressed by the Old Yorozuya, Gintoki shows Kagura and Shinpachi more old pictures involving the Old Yorozuya. As the pictures progress it's shown that Ikesawa and Kanemaru started dating and ditch Gintoki. Soon Furuhashi leaves Gintoki too, leaving him forlorn and alone. More pictures show how Ikezawa and Kanemaru were close with one another. Until Gintoki hogtied them and threw them off a bridge and did the same to Furuhashi and the Beautiful Woman. Kagura and Shinpachi then beat Gintoki up and leave him while he's surrounded by contemporary pictures of the "New Yorozuya". Sadaharu then gives Gintoki a picture of the New Yorozuya, to which, Gintoki puts it behind the sign over his desk. Gintoki then hopes that the new year is a good one.



  • Spoof of Space Cobra, another anime series:
    • In Space Cobra, the protagonist's main weapon is the Psycho Gun. Space Cobra's gun is on his left arm while Gintama's Black Dragon has it on his right arm.
    • One of the main villains is Crystal Boy. A version similar in appearance appeared in Gintama to face off Black Dragon but with the name "Stainless Boy".
  • A 14-member J-pop group EXILE (エグザイル e-gu-za-i-ru) was mentioned in Kagura and Shinpachi's casual conversation.
  • Japanese hard rock duo B'z (ビーズ bīzu) was mentioned in Kagura and Shinpachi's casual conversation.

Light Buzzer used in the Lincoln Show

  • "Dondake" - In Kagura and Shinpachi's casual conversation, "dondake" was mentioned. This refers to a Japanese male-cross-dressing celebrity named Ikko who used to appear on the Lincoln (リンカーン) variety show. She popularised the "dondake?!?" catchphrase in 2006~2007, which generally means a more bawdy version of "What?!?".
  • Inoue Takehiko 井上雄彦(of “Slam Dunk” fame) and Okuda Hitoshi 奥田 ひとし (of “Tenchi Muyo! Sasami Stories”) were mentioned as examples of collaboration works as a comparison for Yorozuya's partnership model.
  • TV Tokyo was parodied as Edo TV, and their digital 7 channel parodied as digital 77
  • 城市獵人City Hunter's ED theme 'get wild' by 宇都宫 隆 Utsunomiya Takashi was played as background music during some parts of the episode and near the end of the episode.
  • "Parc Manther" reference mentioned by Kagura - A reference to a French-born Japanese rapper by the name of Marc Panther. He is part of a musical trio "Globe" comprising 小室哲哉 Komuro Tetsuya, 山田圭子 KEIKO and himself. Komuro Tetsuya and Keiko eventually got married. Komuro Tetsuya is the songwriter of the City Hunter ED theme mentioned above, released under his own band TM NETWORK. There is a possibility of a double pun in that -