Just when Hasegawa gets a call from Hatsu about his better life, he has to find a house in two weeks or be guilt-ridden forever. With Gintoki, he looks for houses until one house seems a little stranger than anything so far and what could it be about this house?


Hasegawa talks with his wife Hatsu on a payphone concerning his current work situation. The conversation quickly turns ugly when Hasegawa lies that he now lives an apartment. This prompts Hatsu to come to visit Hasegawa's new apartment even though he doesn't live in an apartment. It's revealed that the apartment that Hasegawa once lived in, he bailed in order to abscond being accosting by debt collectors. Because of this, Hasegawa was blacklisted by every real estate agent in Ooedo. So with Gintoki's help, Hasegawa meets Fudo Sanzo a shady estate agent. After the interview, Gintoki reveals to Hasegawa, Fudo's background how he's managed to help house many homeless people in the Kabukicho district. Following Hasegawa's preferred location of whatever is cheapest and fancy. Gintoki suggests they try a 1LDK place and so Fudo leads them to a dog house. Upset by the misconception of what 1LDK means, Hasegawa requests to see other properties.

The next property that Fudo showcases is a dirty dilapidated house. Hasegawa notes that he wishes for a place that's more stylish, Fudo reassures him that it's far more stylish than the last place they saw. He then shows them that the dog house that's decorated with badges beside the building is what he wanted to show him. Furious that the two places they've been showed were nothing but dog houses, Hasegawa requests that Fudo show them a house for humans. Adhering to Hasegawa's request Fudo shows Hasegawa... another dog house with an overweight masochistic old man living in it. Finally, Hasegawa is shown an apartment in a luxury building. While the rent was originally going for 3 million yen it's reduced to 30 thousand yen. Initially, Hasegawa wanted to move this place, he has second thoughts after he learns someone was brutally murdered there.

A disconcerted Hasegawa goes on a tirade about the place, while Gintoki tries to downplay it complimenting the view. Fudo also downplays the place claiming that the prior owners must have used the place to gut Tunas or something. Gintoki tries to coax Hasegawa to move into the place, but Hasegawa remains obstinate. Breaking down, Fudo reveals the dark history surrounding the apartment and then gives the apartment keys to Gintoki. In turn, after a wishy-washy speel, he gives the keys to Hasegawa, who, in turn, gives them back to Fudo. The trio then starts to act in a belligerent manner and fight among one another. A days pass by and Hatsu visits the apartment, after receiving a postcard from what she thought was from Hasegawa.

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