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A down on his luck editor of his JUMP comic series is having negative feedback on his work so he decides to get a little more help on the subject with some people to help work on them.


The Weekly Shounen Jump Chief Editor reprimands his worker Daitou-san for his prosaic ideas for the manga he's responsible for. Afterward, while Daitou-san reflects on his mistakes during a train home. He overhears Gintoki chastise the JUMP magazine he's reading for still containing Gintaman. Furthermore, he proclaims that Gintaman wasn't this bad when he took over as its advisor. Daitou then strikes a conversation with Gintoki and reveals that he's the new advisor to the manga. In a desperate attempt to get Gintoki to help him, Daitou prostates himself in front of Gintoki and beseeches him for help.

At an undisclosed area, Daito with Hideaki meets with his superiors Konishi and Koishi and also Gintoki. They all being summoned together concerned about the failing popularity of Gintaman and how to boost its ratings. They start the meeting in a Yakitori restaurant and the first topic they discuss is what Gintaman is lacking. Konishi suggests that Gintaman lacks sex, so the group kick around an idea about a female partner for the protagonist. A scenario thought up by Hideaki plays out and Gintoki chastises it. The group then kick around more ideas until they're satisfied with what they come up with. They then leave the rest up to Hideaki who looks like he's bottling up his emotions. Ultimately the final product is a convoluted mess, and after Gintoki finishes reading it, thinks it's meh.