Gintoki eventually defeats Oiwa with the assistance of his friends, causing Oiwa's late husband to lose control and absorb everyone's spirit in the vicinity. When Rei sacrifices herself to save Oiwa, she acknowledges her wrongdoings in keeping the spirits on Earth instead of exorcising them, and thanks the spirits for keeping her company. Her words cause her late husband and all the spirits that were absorbed to move into the afterlife. The next day, Gintoki and his friends return home while Oiwa and Rei continue to run the inn with the intent of moving spirits to the afterlife.



Spoofs, Parodies and References

Gintoki stand

Gintoki's 'Stand' appearance


H.E. Demon Kogure, image from Seikima-II's official website

Yunker tamori

Tamori in 1 of the Yunker poster ads

  • The transformed appearance of the characters when possessed by 'Stands' is likely based on the appearance of a heavy-metal rock group by the name of 聖飢魔II Seikima-II. The inspiration is most likely to have come from this particular member, デーモン小暮閣下 H.E. Demon Kogure, addressed as 'His Excellency' by fans. On their official website, it is announced that the group has disbanded in 1999.
  • Oiwa (combined with Tagosaku, and looking like a Seikima-II look-alike) said she will turn Gintoki into a Rouningyou, 'wax figure' -
    • this is a reference to a Seikima-II song titled 'Rouningyou no yakata'99' (move to ep.133)
  • Oiwa's 'Ora-ora-ora' punches on Gintoki -
    • This is a spoof of Jotaro Kujo's 'Ora-ora-ora', a protagonist in another manga/anime series ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, also a Shueisha-published manga in the Weekly Shounen JUMP. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link
    • On the final punch, the explosion is a spoof of Evangelion's explosion, an anime/manga series
  • Kagura/Gintoki's body said she wants to flatten Tagosaku/Oiwa's body into a Tamori poster board verification/corroboration needed
    • this is a reference to 'Mr. Yunker' タモリ Tamori, a popular comedian promoting the Yunker drink, the promotion was done in the 1980s to 1990s
    • This image of Tamori is not likely to be the actual poster board mentioned by Kagura, but is shown here for an indication of Tamori's likely appearance in the promotion. Image is from a fan-site dedicated to Sato-chan, the mascot of Sato Pharmaceutical Corporation, manufacturer of the Yunker health tonic. Click here for Sato-chan fan site
    • For more information on Yunker drink, refer to Wikipedia Link
  • Spoofs of the different 'Stands' possessing Gintoki -
    • one of the 'Stands' is 'Jimmy Heavenly', in the form of Shinpachi, which is a reference to Tommy Heavenly6, the singer of Gintama's 1st OP theme
    • Kinnikuman is also another 'Stand' that is referenced, in appearance as well as mentioned in name indirectly. The term 'nikuman' can mean 肉饅 'meat bun' or an abbreviation of Kinnikuman's name.
    • Francis Xavier, a Spanish Catholic missionary credited with the spread of Catholicism in Japan. For more details, refer to Wikipedia Link