Gin And His Excellency's Good-For-Nothings (銀と閣下の穀潰し, Gin to Kakka no Gokutsubushi) is the one-hundred and thirty-third episode of the Gintama anime.


Gintoki and Rei are both imprisoned in their respective cells. With the assistance of the spirits of his friends who have been ejected from their bodies, Gintoki is able to escape his prison and exorcise one of the inn's most important customers. Oiwa fuses with the spirit of her late husband and combats Gintoki, knocking him into Rei's prison. Gintoki fuses with Rei allowing him to knock Oiwa back.


Oiwa imprisons Rei in a special room and reprimands the Stand for her betrayal. Rei claims that Gintoki won't be stopped and he'll defeat her. However, Oiwa is unconvinced. Afterward, Otose contacts Oiwa for an update on the Yorozuya. The two talk about how recalcitrant Gintoki has been to Oiwa and how she's fallen for Gintoki. Amused, Oiwa confesses what Otose claims is true and plans on stealing him like how she stole her lover from her. Otose is fine with Oiwa keeping Gintoki, but wants Otae and Kagura returned. She also warns that although she may think she's tamed Gintoki, he's seriously a wild dog. At that moment, Gintoki escapes from his cell, thus Oiwa orders her workers to stay on high alert for him.

When Oiwa finally finds Gintoki, she witnesses him partying with his friends and the guests. Playing a song called, "A Thousand Winds", Gintoki exorcizes the guests into the afterlife. Once the song is over, Oiwa confronts Gintoki and claims that his song won't work on her husband. Overwhelmed by the tremendous energy emanating from Oiwa's Stand, Oiwa coalesces with her Stand causing her to grow into a giant. Oiwa then punches Gintoki through a wall and into Rei's room where she was imprisoned. She then throws a barrage of punches at Gintoki and chastises him for ruining her resort. Unbeknownst to Oiwa, Gintoki is unharmed by the punches and reveals that he's fused with Rei, becoming the Ultimate Stand. Powered up thanks to fusing with Rei, Gintoki declares that he's going to defeat Oiwa.

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