Briefs Will Unavoidably Get Skidmarks (ブリーフの××筋は絶対不可避, Burīfu no XX suji wa zettai fukahi) is the one-hundred and thirty-second episode of the Gintama anime.


Oiwa recruits Ginoki as an employee of the inn by holding his possessed friends hostage. The inn is revealed to be a resort for spirits that are unable to pass onto the afterlife and remain on Earth. Gintoki plots a rebellion alongside the ghost employee Rei to overthrow Oiwa and free his friends. Oiwa, aware of his plans, is able to stop his rebellion and tells Gintoki he will work for her forever.


While Oiwa and the Ghostly Hands give Gintoki a round of applause and informs him that he passed the job interview. Afterward, Oiwa has Gintoki prepare for his new job and is introduced to Rei the ghost he and Shinpachi saw when they arrived. He's also given a bag of dried persimmons and peanuts to make most ghost to listen to him. Though perturbed, he follows his new superior Rei to their first job. On their way, Rei explains that the guests their are really ghosts not Stands, but still calls them that out of respect. It's because of Gintoki's aptitude towards "Stands" that he was hired by Oiwa. Gintoki protests about being forced to work at the resort, however, he concedes after learning his friend's fate if he chooses to quit. A Stand then reports that a certain guest is acting up again. The guest in question was Oda Nobunaga punching a wall in his underwear complaining about Akechi Mitsuhide. In the room beside Nobunaga's Akechi Mitsuhide also in his underwear punches the wall complaining about Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The room next to Mitsuhide's, Francisco Xavier follows the, "punch the wall and complain about somebody" trend. Xavier was complaining about his barber. Hideyoshi then knocks on Nobunaga's sliding door which attracts Nobunaga and Mitsuhide's attention. The trio then talk with one another until their conversation starts to heat up and then they're shot by Xavier.

Afterward, Gintoki and Rei greet and settle in a new guest at the resort, a headless samurai warrior. Later Gintoki washes the back of a skeleton ghost, but he washes him too hard until he's dust. Oiwa lightly reprimands, Gintoki for his failures and assigns him work that doesn't involve interacting with the guests. Furthermore, she reveals that they're having a special guest the following day Tokugawa Ieyasu. Sick and tired of not only being ill-treated but also the condition his friends are in, Gintoki plans to crush the resort. Rei then appears and the two start an alliance with each other to rebel against Oiwa and her Stand. Oiwa's Stand, who really is the ghost of her husband, Tagosaku who died 10 years prior and the two are a force to be reckoned with. Because of this, Gintoki and Rei recruit the help of Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, and Hideyoshi the underwear trio.

The next day, Ieyasu arrives and when Gintoki and Rei launch their plan against Oiwa, they're betrayed by the underwear trio. Oiwa who was privy to their rebellion locks up Gintoki a prison cell. In that cell are the ghosts of Kagura, Shinpachi, and Otae. The presence of his friends elates Gintoki because now he can launch his counter attack.

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