Fights Often Ensue During Trips (旅行先ではだいたいケンカする, Ryokōsaki dewa daitai Kenka suru) is the on-hundred and thrity-first episode of the Gintama anime.


Otose sends the Yorozuya and Tae go to a hot spring resort to assist the owner, Oiwa, in managing the inn. Gintoki and Shinpachi begin seeing ghosts at the resort, which Gintoki persist to be beings known as Stands. Shinpachi, Kagura, and Tae become possessed by the spirits forcing Gintoki to confront Oiwa about the inn. After passing a hallway full of spirits, Oiwa commends Gintoki, telling him he is suitable for the job.


Otose talks on the phone with Oiwa an owner of a hot spring resort, about the soon to be arriving Yorozuya. The subject then changes to how Oiwa's doing and she claims that everything is the same on her side. A flashback reveals that Oiwa was married to a man named Tagosaku and had an adopted daughter named Rei. At a snowy area, the Yorozuya along with Otae arrive at the hot spring resort. The resort isn't to their expectations as it's severely dilapidated. Still, Otae and Kagura enter the resort grounds, despite Gintoki and Shinpachi's weariness of the ominous and bloody sign. The two then see a woman dressed in white, far away and Gintoki tries to get her attention. Shinpachi though notes that the woman isn't leaving behind a trail of footprints. Gintoki then has a panic attack, but Shinpachi manages to calm him down. They then follow Kagura and Otae into the resort grounds and are greeted by Oiwa who has a ghostly figured attached to her. Oiwa then leads the group into the resort building while Gintoki and Shinpachi note the ghostly figure on Oiwa.

Gintoki believes the figure to a "Stand" and surmises that they're Stand Users too. Amid their debate about Oiwa's Stand, they notice that it disappeared. It's then concluded that what they saw was just a hallucination. Oiwa then chimes in and explains that the rooms are small and what she has can only fit 2 people. She then inquires what style rooms they want; the choices being Western or Japanese style. The girls choose the Western, while the boys choose the Japanese. Oiwa then reveals the door to the Japanese style room which is chained up and has a bunch of talisman seals on it. The two then voice their concern about the door to Oiwa, who claims that's just the door's design. Apparently it was inspired when Oiwa was in a rock-n-roll phase. As for the talismans they're just cover up the holes from a previous guest's child who tore holes into the door. After allowing the two into the room, Gintoki and Shinpachi see the ghost of someone who hung himself in it.

The two then barge into the Western-style room and beseech Kagura and Otae to exchange rooms with them. Upon closer inspection of the room, Shinpachi finds behind one of the sliding doors, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln hanging himself. Otae and Kagura are left perplexed as to why Gintoki and Shinpachi are acting so strangely and mentioning Stands. Shinpachi tries to dissuade them that it's nothing, but Otae insists they still them. At that moment, Oiwa arrives with snacks for the group and says the baths are ready. Before she leaves she threatens to kill Gintoki and Shinpachi if they reveal what they've seen.

Disconcerted by what they've seen thus far, Gintoki and Shinpachi try and escape from the resort. Their effort is proven futile, as the way off of the mountain that it's on is blocked by a giant boulder. Later Kagura and Otae enjoy themselves at the women's side of the bath. On the men's side, Gintoki and Shinpachi are tormented by the gathering of ghosts. Gintoki then tries to write off the ghosts as mere humans shaped steam and forces Shinpachi to inhale one of them. Immediately after doing that, Shinpachi's head changes into a heavy-metal rocker. When they leave the bath, it's revealed that Kagura and Otae have also each inhaled a ghost. As Oiwa watches the seen from afar, Gintoki chases after her only to be entrapped by a swarm of ghostly hands. While it appears that doom had befallen Gintoki, the ghostly hands start clapping and Oiwa follows suit.

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