Cat Lovers And Dog Lovers Are Mutually Exclusive (猫好きと犬好きは相容れない, Nekozuki to inuzuki wa aiirenai) is the one-hundred and thirtieth episode of the Gintama anime.


Kintaro (now revealed to be a space demon embodied old dog), along with Kagura, flee from a band of cats. The owner of Kintaro, despite his ailing health, goes to search for the dog.


Left with no other options, Kagura decides to use the old dog as bait, much to the dog's chagrin. A cat known as Puke Shogun latches onto him and other cats follow suit. In order to release the cats from latching onto him, the dog uses a move called, "Candlelight Last Sparking". Meanwhile, Katsura goes to the hospital where the old man is at. It's there he overhears his sons reveal that their father has gone missing and figure that he's gone to look for his dog named Kintarou. Gintoki, Shinpachi, and the sex doll arrive and are hired to look for the old man. They're filled in by Katsura about the nature of the old dog. So they split up and leave the sex doll with Katsura who is named Suzanne by him.

Meanwhile, Kagura and her group are surrounded by the cats in the playground park. Exhausted by his special move from before, Kintarou notes that his life gauge is currently at 5 candles. Kagura takes one of the candles and replaces it with a firework display, causing the 4h candle to melt. Sadaharu then extinguishes the candle with his urine but puts out the 4th candle in the process. With 3 candles left, Kintarou falls backward in pain. Kagura tries to console him, claiming he's yet to see the old man, but Kintarou retorts that he still doesn't want to see him. Kagura then tries to coax Kintarou by mentioning his meaningful relationship with the old man. Kintarou retorts that their relationship wasn't at all like that. The first words he spoke to his dog was, "Go and die already". The old man's history is further elaborated on by Kintarou revealing how immature and pejorative he was towards others until he was finally alone. While Kintarou endured the old man's presence, he wanted the old man to die so he could finally conquer Earth. As soon as Kintarou finishes his story, the old man arrives in the park.

Kintarou sees the old man holding onto a lease while softly claiming he won't lose to him. Motivated by the Old Man's gumption, Kintarou leaves the dome he hid in and is accosted by 5 cats that are twice the size of Sadaharu. Swooping in, Kagura defeats the large-sized cats and is sequentially overpowered by a swarm the regular-sized cats. She, however, defeats the cats, so Puke Shogun summons Parasite Omega. Consequentially it infects the sex doll that Katsura has on his person whose name is now Omemi. With Kagura continuing her counter-attack on the cats, the only man watches as the cats fly in the air and figures that his time is nearly up. Kintarou then crashes into the Old Man, whose life candles dwindle down to 1. Unable to move, Kintarou chastises Kagura for her belligerence. Furthermore, he figures that the Old Man is now in a pinch as he's down to 1 candle as well. This is proven wrong as the Old Man's single candle burns brightly. The Old Man then taunts Kintarou and when he tries to walk away, he's stopped by a determined Kintarou. A flashback from when Kintarou was still a puppy and is interacting with the old man is shown.

Back in the present, the two faint on a road by a river while the cat plan to kill Kintarou with a sniper rifle. This is foiled by Gintoki, who hits the cat with his mophead. In the end, Kintarou dies and the Old Man is thankful for Kintarou dying before him and follows suit. Sometime after their death, Kagura and Sadaharu visit the site of where the two died and leave a bouquet of flowers.

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