Sometimes You Can't Tell Just By Meeting Someone (会ってもわからないこともある, Attemo wakaranai koto mo aru) is the one-hundred and twenty-eigth episode of the Gintama anime.


Urara's older sister learns that Shinpachi sent Okita's picture with his letters. Shinpachi desperately tries to apologize, but Urara's older sister tells him that she wants to help him get Urara to like him. Afterward, Gintoki and the others meet up with Urara and Okita. They try to get Urara's attention, but she is only interested in Okita. Urara's older sister can’t do anything about it and runs away in regret. Shinpachi is worried and goes after her, but…


On the streets of Ooedo, Shinpachi prostates himself in front of Kirara and apologizes. He confesses his guilt, however, Kirara understands and blames herself for all of this. Gintoki chimes in and tries to mediate the situation, much to Shinpachi's chagrin. Kirara, however, requests that she helps Shinpachi court her sister Urara. This astonishes Gintoki and Shinpachi. Disconcerted by this, Shinpachi voices tries to dissuade Kirara from doing that, however, Kirara is obstinate. She proposes a plan to fake kidnap Kirara and have Shinpachi come to the rescue. Gintoki agrees to do it and then contacts Okita about the plan who was escorting Urara. His notion of escorting her, however, is with a chain and spiked collar. Lead to a "restaurant" that's really just an old man feeding a bunch of stray cats, Okita talks with the old man who feeds them. As Okita talks with the old man, Urara gets into a catfight, with one of the strays. Prompted to save Urara, Shinpachi leaps into action to try and save her, but is instead attacked by the "damsel". Okita then pets Urara who has completely subjugated Urara in his control. Gintoki and Kirara start a scene where Gintoki plans to sell Kirara as a slave. Urara, on the other hand, pays no heed to it. Emotionally distraught by the situation, Kirara runs away.

Amid their nightly car patrol, Kondo and Hijikata talk about Shinpachi's meeting with his pen-pal and almost run over Kirara. Hijikata snaps at Kirara ignorant of who she is. Kirara gives an emotional apologizes and runs off. Urara then appears out of nowhere and breaks through the car window. Okita accompanied by Gintoki arrive and they steal the police car. Hijikata manages to get inside the car, while Kondo holds on for dear life as the car drives off. Kondo recognizes Urara from the photos and asks why she's there and not with Shinpachi. Okita notes that there's been a slight change in plans. Meanwhile, Shinpachi desperately searches for Kirara in the streets of Ooedo. The group then reveals to one another that neither Shinpachi or Kirara the truth behind the letters, which lead to their current predicament.

When they finally find Kirara, she's atop a multi-story building planning to jump. Urara manages to reach the top of the building and tries to dissuade her sister from jumping. However, Kirara is obstinate as she laments over her selfish actions. The Shinsengumi members and Gintoki then arrive and after their tirade on blood types, Kirara falls off the building. So Gintoki then rescues Kirara, who confesses while the letters were weird and abstract they gave her consoled her loneliness. Figuring that Shinpachi wouldn't want anything to do with her anymore. Shinpachi from the building across holds up a sign that said he'd like to write a genuine letter to her next time. Gintoki then breaks into the building they were hanging from and then Shinpachi and Kirara briefly write to one another with note pads.

Sometime after the incident, Shinpachi is seen in his room passed out while trying to write new letters to Kirara. Otae reads one of the letters and sees a picture of Kirara with her sister and her new friends.

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