Moji de Shika Tsutawaranai Mono ga Aru (会わないとわからないこともある, Awanai to wakaranai koto mo aru) is the one-hundred and twenty-seventh episode of the Gintama anime.


Continuing from the previous episode, Gintoki, Kondo and Hijikata help Shinpachi to write letters to his new pen pal.


Urara and her sister Kirara read a new letter from Shinpachi and find the picture that came with it humorous. Out of guilt, Kirara confesses to her sister that she sent a picture of her instead of herself. Her reason for doing this was because she felt Urara is prettier than she is. Although not really upset by the revelation, Urara proposes they become friends with Shinpachi. Eventually, Shinpachi is sent a letter from Kirara requesting that that two meet up with one another. Gintoki tepidly congratulates Shinpachi for his "achievement". On the other hand, Shinpachi realizes that Kirara thinks that he's really Okita from the photo they sent her. Reassuring Shinpachi, Ginotoki claims that he's still in the picture. However, Shinpachi retorts that he's in it, but he's not fully in the picture. After Gintoki claims that they've managed to make it past the "first gate", Kondo appears and argues contrary. Kondo is then reprimanded by Shinpachi, but Kondo claims that he should have come to him the "Love Expert" for advice. Shinpachi refutes Kondo's claim for being Love Expert, but Kondo obstinately believes he is. Furthermore, he recalls all of the pen pals he had in the past and how much money he gave them. It's believed that they were scammers, however, Kondo refuses to believe that.

Willing to help out his future brother in law out, Kondo offers to help Shinpachi over Gintoki. A disconcerted Gintoki believes his help wouldn't be as great as his own. Kondo, however, retorts with a Cinderalla scenario of how they'll write their next letter to Kirara. Both Gintoki and Shinpachi refute Kondo's claim, so he comes up with a more austere and sincere way of writing their next letter. The idea, however, has too much verbiage and midway accentuates too heavily on Otae. Gintoki then gives his own suggestion of how to word it, but it's instantly rejected. Sick and tired of the two's suggestions, Shinpachi decides to write the letter with the first half of the letter.

Kirara receives Shinpachi's letter and after reading it sends a reply. In her letter, she reveals that she too has an older sister with a weak constitution. Because of this she rarely socializes with people and the only people she ever socializes with are her sister and butler Sebastian. The only time she goes outside is her trips to the ocean and asks what she thinks of her sister. Once Shinpachi receives Kirara's letter he reads with Kondo and Gintoki. Kondo notes how receptive she was towards the sister topic and Shinpachi comments on how she didn't talk about herself whatsoever. Gintoki thinks they should change the subject but Kondo disagrees. Hijikata then arrives and Kondo has Hijikata give his thoughts on the letters thus far from Kirara. After reading them, Hijikata surmises what blood type figuring how self-centered her letters are. So Gintoki concocts a safe way to change the subject of the reply letter, but his idea is rejected due to the sexual nature of it. Sequentially, Kondo's idea is rejected. Hijikata then gives his own interpretation and goes on a writing streak after an epiphany he has. A consummate letter is written is perfect and in the letter and gives it to Shinpachi to send it to Kirara. However, Hijikata realizes that the letter contained a carnal sentence by Kondo.

Upon reading the letter, Urara berates Shinpachi for such using such lewdness, however, this doesn't faze Kirara in the slightest. She believes that Shinpachi's letters are awe-inspiring; it's as if different people write them each time. Infatuated, Kirara declares to her sister that she wants to meet with Shinpachi. Gintoki, Kondo, and Hijikata lament over the letter they sent Kirara. This changes when they hear that Kirara wants to meet Shinpachi in person, leaving them astonished. After reading the letter, which gave a consentual remark to the aforementioned carnal remark, Kondo rips the letter to shreds. He remarks that as his future brother in law, he refuses to allow such a scandalous act to take place.

On the day of the meetup, Urara replaces Kirara, while vice versa, Okita replaces Shinpachi. Shinpachi and Gintoki observe the situation from afar. It's revealed that the only reason why Okita is doing this for Shinpachi is that he owes Gintoki a lot. Also, it's part of the newly added regulation to the Shinsengumi regulations. Furthermore, Urara is missing her older sister whom she came to Ooedo with. It's at that moment Kirara appears behind Shinpachi and Gintoki.

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